How to create a shortcut from the command line

Working on Windows, I install Windows a lot.  This means a lot of my customizations have to be re-applied every time I install.  To save myself some time I created a script which applies some of them. Last time I showed how to set the desktop wallpaper from a command-line app.

This time, a script to create a shortcut.  The example usage creates a shortcut to Notepad and puts that in the "SendTo" folder.  I find this very useful because I often need to edit text files that have non-".txt" assocations.  (There are also other shortcuts I create with it.)


Here's the script:

>type create-shortcut.vbs

If WScript.Arguments.Count < 2 Or WScript.Arguments.Count > 3 Then
    WScript.Echo "Expected two or three arguments; got " & WScript.Arguments.Count
    WScript.Echo "First argument is the file to create"
    WScript.Echo "Second is the command to link to"
    WScript.Echo "Third, if present, is the arguments to pass"
End If

Set shell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

Set link = shell.CreateShortcut(WScript.Arguments(0))
link.TargetPath = WScript.Arguments(1)

If WScript.Arguments.Count = 3 Then
    link.Arguments = WScript.Arguments(2)
End If


>cscript create-shortcut.vbs "%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo\Notepad.lnk" notepad.exe

EDIT 2015-10-31: added script to

Comments (2)

  1. So let me get this straight … the basic shell verbs are shown in English, even though you’re obviously using some other language for your UI?

    1. In this screenshot I was using a right-to-left pseudoloc version of Windows, but I had installed a US English version of Office on top of it.

      The verbs that came from Office (Open, New, Print, Show) are in English.

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