Windows audio render volume settings, from local to global

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  1. Confused says:

    Surely endpoint volume is more global than ducking?

    "IAudioEndpointVolume will affect all apps on the system."

    Ducking only affects "all of the audio on the system (except for phone calls and voice chats.)"

  2. A reasonable question – ducking is both more and less global than endpoint volume.

    Endpoint volume affects a particular device.  If you have an HDMI output, USB speakers, a headphone jack, and a Bluetooth headset, then the endpoint volume on the USB speakers will affect only the speakers.

    Ducking will affect all audio streams, across all devices (this is the part where it is more global) with two exceptions (this is the part where it is less global:)

    * Communications streams are not impacted

    * Apps that have opted-out of ducking are not impacted

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