How much is a perfect Jeopardy! score?

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  1. Carlos Porto says:

    Nicely done

  2. John Albertson says:

    You've got one false assumption:

    Assumption (3): It doesn't matter whether Player X knows where the Daily Double(s) is/are, which in theory Player X wouldn't. Even though most players go sequentially on a given topic, each player can choose any question on the 6×5 board. It's only necessary that Player X finds the Daily Double(s) last while clearing each board.

    Your assumptions can thus be condensed:

    1) Player X always hits the button first and answers the question correctly.

    2) Player X happens to choose the Daily Double(s) last on the board.

    3) The Daily Double(s) is/are always on the lowest payout row.

    4) Player X always bets max when (s)he can.

    Yes, the differences are subtle, but they evidently make a difference since possible cheating is no longer paramount.

    Best of luck,


  3. Michael Moore says:

    John Albertson there is no false assumption. I can't believe you took the time to type that out.  Lol

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