Troubleshooting: how to install the Microsoft HD Audio class driver

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  1. m.riaz says:

    i need aad ki coode for my receiver class hd 2010 plus            my id cood      please help me

  2. James O'Shay says:

    Hey Matt!   It worked! (sorta). I now have sound. Thank You!

    following your tutorial restored sound to my aging P C.

    Alas, sound card with this driver does not recognize the on-board mics.

    Recording devices/recording tap shows "microphone not plugged in".

    "show disconnected / disabled devices" are both checked.

    No other devices are listed.

    Thank you Matt.

  3. Woodjack says:

    Terrific! Got sound back on my ancient HP Pavilion dv2500!

    Thanks so much

  4. @Woodjack: has a Conexant HD Audio driver for the HP Pavilion dv2500. It might be worth a try to download and reinstall that.

  5. James O'Shay says:


    Is there some way to switch mic inputs from jack to built in mic. I'm using hi def audio device drivers.

  6. Mika says:

    This worked for me, thanks! I tried a few other gimmicks, but to no avail. Kudos!

  7. fatima says:

    meri pehly xp window thi abi window 7 soud nhe ati no audio device is intalled ka option show hota hy kasy install krn gy?????????

    1. MOAZ ALI says:

      ap soundmax driver download kren jo apki window bits ke compatible ho (32 or 65)

  8. fatima says:

    system mei bhi not available show hota hy kasy install krn drivers win 7 k liye?

  9. Anders Larsson says:

    I succeded to reinstall my HDAUDIO driver again after having uninstalled it because it did not work. The original driver was system speaker but it used the microsoft driver And it did not work. I do not know when it stopped working. But It must have been some Microsoft update i guess. Now it is not called System speaker any more so now it is only the Microsoft HDAudio driver

  10. KJ says:

    Thank You. This made it work like new…

  11. Dalton says:

    When i go to Device Manager and go under the sounds and game controllers there is no High Definition Audio Device

  12. Clive Rodell says:

    Brilliant thank you!!

  13. AJ says:

    Yes this worked thank you, just got the new OS today

  14. Oldsalt says:

    This worked for me had windows 7 64 bit before upgrade.

  15. polly says:

    worked for me – I have sound again. Thanks

  16. Ben says:

    Thanks Matt-this worked perfectly! Just updated to Windows 10, no sound at all through speakers after update, though did have sound through headphones.  Followed the above and works!  Thanks again!

  17. loly says:

    THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!

  18. Jim says:

    Worked for me also.  I upgraded a 8.1 computer with no problems.  I did my 7 computer which I thought had identical hardware (it did not), no sound.  Your solution did the trick.  THANKS.

  19. Mirza says:

    it worked!!! thank you very much!

  20. Yowzer says:

    Thanks M80.  Works a treat after win 10 install.

  21. Pradeep says:

    Hey Matt…….it worked.

    Thanks a ton.

  22. jbnimble says:

    Matt,  I got the sound back.  Evidently Realtek does not have a workable driver for sound.  The microsoft driver at least gets the sound back.

    Many thanks!


  23. brian says:

    fixed it first time. very helpful very easy to follow. idiot-proof a.k.a. me-proof

  24. No sound from speakers says:

    This worked if I connected the TV via HDMI socket but not through my speakers.   Anyone got a solution.  Every time I plugged my external monitor in it resorted to HDMI jack.

    1. Bootyhound says:

      HDMI drivers are part of the vidoe chipset or video card manufactures supplied driver package. thats the reason for the sound thru an external hdmi or a dvi port.

  25. Mike says:

    Worked.  Thanks!

  26. SDM says:

    Hi, unfortunately this still hasn't worked for me. My playback devices says High Definition Audio Device Not Plugged in. Any additional help on this? Thanks.

  27. paul says:

    awesome,worked first time on upgraded laptop with windows 10. was pulling my hair out over this one……cheers

  28. Mrinmoy Das Choudhury says:

    IT works awesome – very helpful

  29. jerome says:

    thks did help big time

  30. sl says:

    it worked :)

  31. Don Bob says:

    Thank you!

    Excellent process and instructional documentation.

    Resolved sound issues after upgrading from Windows 7 on 64 bit PC, configured with 5.1 surround sound. All speakers working.

    Please extend compliments to all who contributed to this resolution.

    Highest regards.

  32. James McCorry says:

    Had no sound, now I do

    thanks Matt

  33. Happy says:

    Thank you!

  34. Mike Roger UK says:

    This worked after 3 days of countless forums praise the Lord!!

  35. DAVEMAL says:

    This worked in my case.    

  36. Fernando Quinones says:

    i got not enough storage for this command

  37. Steven Banks says:

    Worked for me with a Realtek High Def audio unit on my Dell XPS running Windows 10. Had very LOW volume…

  38. venu says:


  39. ken gomez says:

    thank you it worked. tried all other posts nothing worked

  40. Ian Payne says:

    Thanks – it sorted my lack of sound out!!

  41. Thiény says:

    Thank you a lot, Matthew

  42. evangelos tzotzis says:

    it work perfectly

  43. Joe says:

    Had audio prior to installing windows 10. Followed your instructions and searched both ways 1. search automatically for updated driver software 2. Browse my computer for driver software. each instance indicated i'm using most updated driver. still have no audio…

  44. Ravi says:

    Worked for me on Sony E series. Thanks a lot.

  45. Elaine says:

    Was getting really annoyed and trying lots of different ideas from web and then came across your post.  And yes it worked… brilliant I have sound at last.  Thank you so much.

  46. Graham Peacock says:

    Just got around to trying this 'fix'on my Dell laptop with Windows 10 recently installed. Microphone not working since the Upgrade, so desperate to try anything at the moment.  Result, failed.  My voice on a test message can just be heard at full volume, but not good enough to use in a (say) Skype conversation.  Any further suggestions?

  47. Bero says:

    It didn't work with my windows :(

  48. Bruce says:

    Sorry Matt to be an odd one out, but I followed your plan and re-started my PC. Unfortunately, on both my Realtek driver and your AMD HD Audio Device when I try to play a CD., I get no sound, but a little icon keeps on darting through the 14 tracks – that is using my Windows Media Player! Any ideas please?

  49. Michel M. says:

    Thank you very much for this!!! Sound is back :)

  50. bryan says:

    tried but no joy .

  51. liz says:

    thanks so much this is such a wonderful sop for doing this I really appeciate

  52. Tony says:

    Tks,very helpul

  53. Don says:

    It did nothing, the computer said that the best software is already installed and the device is working properly and yet I have no sound whatsoever.

  54. Augustus Nnaji says:

    It Worked…Thanks Bro…more grease to your elbow

  55. lile says:

    it worked for me, I am so happy

  56. Kaz says:

    I recently installed windows 10 and no longer have sound

  57. Gary B says:

    I can't tell you how happy I am now that I've found your blog and YES it works. I have sound and it took less than 5 minutes. Thank you and I also saved $69.99 the Geek Squad was going to charge me to diagnose the problem and then a additional fee to fix the problem. Your blog, PRICELESS!!!

  58. James says:

    Thanks very much your advice worked a treat!

  59. sanjeev says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you very much for your help…. it worked for me.

  60. BigMackTech says:

    Had problem with Windows 10 Audio worked for the first 4 days and then just stopped.  Updated Driver didn't work, but this did.  Thanks for the info.

  61. Daysha says:

    Thank you very much this was so helpful and fast!

  62. Shah says:

    that was very helpful mate cheers

  63. Mark says:

    Thank you so much!  My Asus Laptop with VIA Audio is now functional again.  Speakers and 3.5mm jack all working.  Sound quality isn't as good but it works!

  64. T says:

    Thank you! It worked. I've just installed Windows 10, and like many other people, the sound wouldn't work with either of the vendor-supplied drivers, even updated (why is this? It seems shady; there's a reason I bought this particular computer with its particular features like sound and graphics). At least now I can hear! Thanks.

  65. jazmín says:

    wow, thank you

  66. M.Muller says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for the great tutorial. I found it most helpful when upgrading from Windows 7 and installing the necessary driver to get my sound working on my HP Envy-15t. Have a question, even though the sound works, after installing Windows 10 I have noticed a substantial reduction in volume from my speakers. Is there a way to fix this?

  67. JeanniS says:

    I can't figure out how to get to device manager.  If I can't do that I can fix it.

  68. ozinnz says:

    So very clear to understand and it worked (no sound after upgrading to windows 10). Thanks

  69. Spencer says:

    This didn't work for me. I have the same situation with no sound. My computer is only a year old as well.

  70. Sean Liming says:

    Upgrade to Windows 10. System has multiple audio outputs, and the update switch to the one I am not using. Change the sound control panel settings and got audio working again.

  71. Lamont J W1701 says:

    This FIX works as stated for me.  Much thanks, after all what good is Multimedia without the Audio.

  72. Jan Schmidt says:

    Thank You :)

  73. miskin batcha says:

    thanks lot

    you solve me my problem now its ok

    once again thanks and god blessing you and all our friends

  74. ih8thisbs says:

    yeah why do you think its ok that this is an acceptable solution? i looked at it and after two or three pargraphs i was like screw this

  75. Amy Ozog says:

    This worked for me Matt – Thank you :)

  76. Loretta says:

    Thanks heaps, I was getting so frustrated I was going to change back too windows 7.

    Finally I have my sound back

  77. Michael says:

    Many thanks Matt. lost sound after Windows 10 upgrade. your tutorial sorted the problem

  78. Per says:

    It worked like a charm. Thanks:)

  79. Jacqueline says:

    thank youuuuu!!! you are the best ;)

  80. GirlinWayside says:

    woohooo!! it worked, halleluhah!!

  81. Sandra C. says:

    I finally got some time to perform the fix to my Toshiba laptop about the

    "no sound issue I had since I down loaded Windows 10".

    I can't say Thank-You enough to you as I worked as soon as I followed your


    IT WORKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. gregthomp says:


  83. KAM0 says:

    Thank you so much…this solution worked like a charm!

  84. Hayley says:

    Thank you so much, this has resolved my issue with no sound on the pc following upgrade to windows 10.

  85. Lori says:

    Thank You. I was very frustrated after installing windows 10 and finding i had no sound. Finally found your solution. I followed the instructions and it WORKED.

  86. Ann Habeck says:

    Unfortunately, this did not work for me. :-(  I have NVIDIA High Definition Audio.  I upgraded to Windows 10 last night and have not had any sound ever since.  HELP :-(

  87. Tim Steinkamp says:

    Very frustrating as my problem is not addressed which is sound from the browsers and test buttons but not from VLC or Windows Media Player.

  88. Jonathan Thornton says:

    This worked for me on Asus laptop 2013.  Thank you so much.

  89. anand says:

    awesome totally worked…..gr8

  90. Gertjan (Netherlands) says:

    Great when such advice works! Thanks for this help.

  91. SAG says:

    Thank you so much!!!

    I recovered the sound in my computer.

    Thank you again.

  92. Jyl Darlow says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! My girlfriend has been going crazy because her brand new PC's sound would not work. I've searched all over the net and this is the only solution that has worked. Your post was in 2010 and this is now 2015 and she has Windows 10, so it's STILL relevant. Thank you!! :):):) IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Charles says:

    it works for me!! Thank you!!

  94. Sharon says:

    OMG THIS WORKED. Thank you so much. I thought I messed up my laptop for good.

  95. Tyler says:

    Thank you this worked for me Halleluiah!

  96. Michael says:

    thanks, following your tutorial it worked good.

  97. Penny says:

    I'm so relieved – I got speaker sound back on my Dell N5010 (Intel i5) after it suddenly stopped working yester. I've had windows 10 for a month or so now so I'm not sure if it's related, but I need audio for my work so I was very pleased to see that this solution has worked to resolve the issue.


  98. James says:

    Have done exactly as above,but it gives me error code 39

  99. Sebastian says:

    I LOVE YOU MAN I LOVE YOU !! FOR 3 Days no sound brooooo OMG TY THIS GUY IS THE BEST !

  100. Rebecca says:

    Followed your instructions, however, my computer said that Windows has found that you have the best driver already installed for this device?  So this didn't work for me. :(

  101. leslie says:

    how do I enable my audio enhancement on windows 10

  102. Enrico says:


    i've got Code 10 problem. Can't instsall it :(

  103. georges (FRANCE) says:

    merci trois fois merci

    traduction GOOGLE

    thank you thank you three times

  104. Drick says:

    My laptop updated to Windows 10 and my mic is not working.

    This works!!!

  105. Paul M. says:

    Excellent! It worked as you stated after 3 hours of searching my computer in  various directions. Thank you so much.

  106. Suresh says:

    It worked… thanks

  107. emad says:

    thanks! it worked

  108. wash says:

    The high defi audio device does not show up under browse driver.

  109. WOW! says:

    Thank a lot for this help!

  110. Swheatz says:

    Thank you, All Good here too now

  111. Emma says:

    At last, something that finally works!!I have spent hours reading crap and going round in circles!!

    Thank you!!!

  112. Dave King says:

    Many thanks to you. I had the same problem after a windows 10 update and after following these instructions, I've now got sound again!


  113. Paul smith says:

    Thanks a million for this fix. Had a Microsoft guy spending 2 hours last night trying to fix and eventually he gave up. Tried this myself today and worked straight away! Thanks

  114. Hannah says:

    Holy moley. FINALLY. You, sir, are a legend. Take my cookies.

  115. Josue Hdz says:

    Finally I could make the sound to work, previously I spent hours looking for a solution neither one worked

    Thanks a million!

  116. DP says:


  117. Phans OS says:

    You are great Matt, it did work very well, now i have my sound card is working …..Thanks

  118. C. Carr says:

    Thanks, I didn't know what to do and kept looking for solutions to get my sound back, not being very computer savvy I followed your instructions and I know have sound again. Thanks a lot.

  119. Soo says:

    Windows 10 has just installed lengthy updates (had at least two coffees while waiting). As a result there was no sound.
    Followed your clear instructions and all is right again. Many, many thanks. x

  120. Artur says:

    Thank you so much! It worked so nice :)

  121. Darren says:

    Since upgrading to Win10 on my Asus N55SL, I have had no sound via the speakers, only the headphones. Many months of searching and following so called fixes bear no fruit. This however, did the trick.

  122. JAYTEE says:


  123. Jay Bry says:

    Thank you so much! The audio is FINALLY fixed on my Windows 10 computer!

  124. Stefan says:

    You saved my day! Thank you!

  125. M kirk says:

    I had to right click and delete my driver and then I had to rescan my computer for an audio device. It recognized and reinstall the driver and it then started working. It’s an old school work around Microsoft……..and it still works 20 years later. I just had to learn the windows 10 version of doing it. Always the fun of a new OS, how to fix old problems in a new format. When will they learn? Never…..

  126. Marc says:

    Same issue as listed. The fix doesn’t work though because I don’t have Sound, Games and Video Controllers in my devices / drivers list so can’t choose it. I was told to reset my Windows so backed up and reset but still not fixed. PC is Asus X555L. Help!!!

  127. @Marc download your audio drivers from Asus’s support site:

  128. Ralph Higginbotham says:

    My hardware will not start after installing the new drivers. Whats next?

  129. walldez says:


  130. yelo says:

    thank u…may God bless u

  131. bob buyers says:

    thanks for instructions – hit dead end: “this device cannot start. (Code 10) ” “If you know the manufactuer of your device you can visit its website and check the support section for driver software — CLOSE

  132. Jode says:

    Thank you! Worked for me, after hours of reading and troubleshooting. Bless you. Whew. The sound got goofed up after I upgraded (my perfectly fine) system from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on a machine with Soundblaster – which doesn’t work. At least I have sound.

  133. COREY LAROCCA says:

    Thank you so much!

  134. Powermonkey says:

    Worked on my HP ROVE all in one computer. Windows 10 has thrown up many issues (such as the start button critical failure) but this has the audio back on track. Thanks!

  135. maria says:

    didnt work for me.I have an elite book 8640p: tried also updating the system nothing, downloading drives and installing it manually NOTHING…
    its properties mentions that its functioning properly.

  136. nhizon says:

    Hi Matt! been looking for a solution for the past few days.. and this worked for me! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!!

  137. Jagdev Singh says:

    I by-mistake un-installed it and don’t know to install it again?

  138. Heike Schmidt says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! Love :-) Heike

    1. Bootyhound says:

      this reply is not intended for just 1 individual but for any viewer. I have had similar issues with my beats edition hp laptop and the whole thing boiled down to in windows 10 64bit as well as using 32 bit extentions having to revert to the factory installed driver for the HD Audio device driver provided by the manufacturer all because realtec dont know how to write updates to their drivers when new opperating systems are released. Also using your HDMI port on your computer switches the audio driver output to the video card or chipset or if u have an APU from AMD the APU driver for sound. APU drivers from AMD are bundled with the graphics drivers and from 2015 on are crimson edition packages. Nvidia driver packaged are bundled with the appropriete audio driver if your specific graphics chipset and motherboard has an hdmi or dvi connector, on older system take into account sometimes it is better to run older driver packs vs newer ones for hardware compatabilty and function vs running newer drivers. I have had to enable developer mode and sometimes sideload apps in the windows 10 pc setting in order to get drivers to install fully. windows 10 with its latest 2 major version updates has made the additional steps of sideload apps and in some cases developer mode necessary for driver installs. Windows 10 also protects key elements of the OS so once you have updated directx and visual studio files for games or apps doing other install that require installing these files again may fail. if for instance installing games you notice in the install directory a direct x install folder deleting all of the files in the folder except the 2 dll files and the directx install file can and in most cases solve the failed install. as far as failed install from VS files or .net install failures im not sure on yet.

  139. John Taber says:

    My son in laws was having an audio issue after installing win 10. I found your audio fix on Google and it worked great for him. Thanks for your info.

  140. Mohammad says:

    Thank Maurits
    It Worked
    Best regards

  141. Jun Macalalad says:

    good. I got a playback device displayed but it says:
    High Definition Audio Device
    Not plugged in

    Might need to restart.. let me try and do that now..

    1. obaji says:

      i downloaded (idt_sound_beats_6.10.6483_hp) and it worked for me

  142. ho jai says:

    you have gave me the windos10

  143. Rebecca says:

    +After I followed the instructions to this, my sound quality got even worse. At first, there was a static sound that came through my speakers any time that my laptop made sounds (when I listened to music/watched a YouTube video/etc.) but now it sounds as if there is a plastic cup over my speakers and the sound quality is extremely poor. Is there any way I can completely undo the installation that I did and get the previous static sound quality back so I can take it to someone who is able to physically fix it?

  144. I tried, without any Success. Presently, I am still unable to Listen to any SOUND. it’s totally ben disconnected, and I am still unable to Open Up Any Sound

  145. alexis says:

    waw omg thank you it work and now i ear thanks for real 2 week whitout sound

  146. A says:

    It works!!
    Thank you :)

  147. Innabeth says:

    yes it WORKS!!!!

  148. Rod says:

    It helped me

  149. Neriman says:

    I followed the above instructions and connected my audio hardware. The other sites were of no help at all. Thank you for your clear instructions. The screenshots definitely were great; as it made following the instructions so much easier.

  150. Jolene Nicholas says:

    i have a problem with my toshiba laptop it has a mic but when i go to record it doesn’t pic up my voice at all i have windows 10 i did the tortorial and still nothing

  151. lynette says:

    thank you at last I have sound.

  152. Michael Goldman says:


  153. Basile says:

    Thank!!! very Helpful

  154. Sandra OMG says:

    when I get to the sound, video, game controllers there are no devices. how did I manage to delete the actual device, i’m no sure but help?!

  155. rodrick says:

    I installed drivers and work perfectly but my tablet does not recognize speakers and headphones attaches to it so still no sound.

  156. Doc Foster says:

    Hi. Maurits,
    After upgrading my HP Envy from W8.1 to W10 I had problem with sound in the device manager. Yellow mark.
    Tried and tried to repair the situation. All to no avail. Found your solution via typing C:\ in the Device M
    search update box. It even installed both drivers automatically. Restarted. Brilliant. I am talking about days and days of trying to find a solution because I have the patience to do it. Again, many thanks.

  157. Sheila Newcombe says:

    I cannot install the IDT High Def Audio CODEC. It says: A device attached to the system is not functioning.
    How can I fix this?

  158. Don says:

    Your guide is very well explained thank you

  159. Thanh Pham says:

    Thanks, got my audio out put back.

  160. Thabile da Tbz says:

    Windows media player does not work on my windows 7 ultimate. It says there is no sound hardware discovered, please help.

  161. Valdi says:

    Excellent, I was so pissed at Microsoft, and I have two laptops, hp EliteBook 745 G2, and the older and maybe still better machine HP EliteBook 8470p. Both were installed, the 8470p updated to Windows 10. Everything was fine with both, apart it is a bit slower than Win 8, I see mroe CPU usage for the same activities I perform. However the older device hp 8470p started having Terrible Sound after upgrading to Win 10. After following the suggestion above, I am now able to use the PC Speakers device, which I output through 3.5 jack and Creative speakers, which sound good as before now. Before this fix they were sounding like absolute crap on the headphones device.

  162. Had this problem with new HP Elitedesk 800 G3s. At first, no sound from headphones, only internal speaker. Ran SP79275 for Conexant HD Audio Driver, which was the same version that was on the PC. Now had NO sound externally or internally. Updated driver on-line via Device Manager and all sounds came back. Still shows same version so I suspect HP’s software has a problem.

  163. Tushar says:

    I can’t see the “sound video and game controllers their and in other drives also. May i lost sound driver forever?
    I also try to download realtek but it also do not work. If u have any answer please answer me.

  164. phillip says:

    losing my mind.. my sound stutters.. my video playback is slowed as if i reduced playback speed about 1/2 x normal. nothing i am trying works. ive had this machine for a few years never had an issue upgraded from win 8 to 10 all was good til about a month ago and the above issues have since been driving me mad. i though it was a power source problem, a driver problem, a sound card issue, a video card issue. ive done everything i can think of! please help!

    1. Please file a problem report, with “media issues” logs, as described here

      Then use the “share” widget to grab a direct link

      Finally paste the direct link here in this comment thread

      EDIT: forgot to put the link for “described here” –

      1. phillip says:

        i cant even get the app… tells me i need another app to get the app and doesnt specify which one it is.

        1. phillip says:

          so thats the help huh? get a shitty app.. horrible ratings which i cannot even get or gfm?

          1. phillip says:

            yes phil.. dilagaf?

        2. Hmmm… how sure are you that you have Windows 10? The Feedback Hub comes with Windows 10, though earlier versions called it Windows Feedback.

          1. phillip says:

            very sure i am running win 10. since the days of the get win 10 now for free before yada yada.. pardon my vernacular. had a few issues getting it installed but none the less got the job done and was fine. in fact i was quite please with the decreased load time and over proficiency of the upgrade til as i said in my initial comment that suddenly i have encountered (this is additional info admittedly) periodic stuttering of sound play back via internet: youtube, pandora, etc as well as my own games from steam the audio again was stuttered and slowed as if, to make it a more tangible example, as if my batteries on a sony walkman (remember them?) were dying and my tapes were playing as though i needed to change the batteries. yes i have win 10 and no i still have no clue how to fix this. additionally as stated before i happens periodically. if i restart a few time it may or may not go away there is not a specific pattern or regularity in which i can nail down what is or is not happening within my system to make such play back issues occur.. please if you can at all help

          2. phillip says:

            dude i have to say this is bizarre at best.. amidst my typing the previous response to you about such issues windows said it had to collect data and restarted.. issue as of now is not an issue.. music to my ears thank f’n god is playing without stutter and no issues at all… but does this mean no more problems? i am sadly doubtful as i have stated before, this is a periodic issue.. hope it is no longer a problem.. but time will tell.. if you had a virtual deity hand involved, thank you.. but i will not hold my breath.. all the same.. will keep you posted of the issue if it returns or does not.

          3. phillip says:

            no resolution. turned off machine for the night issue is back in the morning. at this point i dont care about identifying i just want it fixed
            what do i have to do???

        3. If you don’t have the Feedback Hub or Windows Feedback app, you’ll need to grab logs the old fashioned way

          Send me an email with the logs

  165. Rex says:

    My external speakers were not working. I had the message: High Definition Audio Device “not plugged in”.

    You wrote: “Windows shows us a list of drivers that are already installed and usable for this hardware. At this point you would expect to see two drivers listed: the vendor driver, and “High Definition Audio Device.”

    I had only one driver listed, the “High Definition Audio Device”. I highlighted it and installed the driver.
    It worked.
    I had been working on this problem for hours. Wish I had found your site sooner!
    Thank you VERY MUCH.

  166. zakwan says:

    wow..thank you…it work fine for my pc..thanks again dude..really appreciate it

  167. anna says:

    Still microphone does not work at all for me.

  168. Robert Bennett says:

    After trying multiple things on other threads I tried the solution above and it worked. Sound had gone out after the Major May/June 2017 Windows 10 1703 upgrade and nothing was working. I now have sound coming out of the docking station audio jack for my HP 8560p. It was weird sound was coming out of the laptops audio jack but would not work from the docking station. Thank you for this solution.

  169. vikash says:

    sound still not working ..plz help !!!

  170. JennyG says:

    Thankyou, your advice worked. Easy to follow with the pictures.

  171. It worked. Thank you!

  172. Niranjan Kumar says:

    I tried this method. But it never gets installed.

  173. james says:

    Thank you so much for this fix. It was so easy I didn’t think it was going to work. Halelluha!!

  174. keanu says:

    this didn’t work I’m still stucked with no sound

  175. SC says:

    Worked like a charm – thanks

  176. Brilliant procedural explanation

  177. The B says:

    You saved me Thank you so much thank you thank you thank you ;-; i thought i would be without volume forever

  178. Andrew says:

    This worked! Thank you!

  179. Rob says:

    Thanks…I’ll give it a try, have not been able to get anything external from USB, headphone jack or Bluetooth.

  180. Jeff Hall Greenlee says:

    So this solution was not one I had seen before, so I tried it.. The rienstlallation of the High definition driver worked fine, but it does not resolve my issue. Here my issue.
    I have a Focusrite Firewire Saffire Pro 40.. and before the recent upgrades of Windows 10, the Saffire Audio driver worked fine and had no problems accommodating multiple audio applications. For example, I could have a DAW and then open a browser and get audio asl well.. What you would expect. Something changed with the last two most recent Windows upgrades and I am experiencing some problems with the Auidio driver. If I start fresh and Just open a browser and play something, say youtube or something with streaming audio or video, .. and THEN I Open up a DAW, *I lose my original streaming content (i.e. no green bar activity in Audio Playback window) . No sound, except for what I can play in the DAW. The ONLY fix I have found is to open up the Windows Audio Playback window and disable, then enable the Saffire Audio driver. I have been told many times to make sure the driver does NOT have “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” in the Saffire Speaker driver properties window. But No dice. Someone.. or something, is not sharing resources nicely! I have been trying to find a way to do this “Disable/Enable” thing with a script but nothing works! Powershell has a command “Disable_PNPDevice” .. but I think something was changed in the Windows so that the command fails now. .. I also so saw suggestions of using a Developer tool “Devcon” to affect devices with script… that doesn’t work either. And the long winded explanation of what I am trying to do leads me to my question:

    I am a bit confused by the concept of a “Device” in Windows – (that lives in the Device Manager) and the “Device” we see in the Audio playback/Record dialogue. My attempt at using Devcon or Powershell (though they don’t seem to work) appear to be targeting the Device Driver , but (please correct me if I’m wrong) I don’t want to Disable the Device Driver, I just want to disable the Windows Audio (SPKR) device… and then re-enable it with a script. But I can’t find any programmatic way to do it! Any Suggestions?

    1. The Intel High Definition Audio standard and the 1394 audio standard apply to different hardware. Windows does not have a class driver for 1394 audio devices, only High Definition Audio, USB Audio, and Bluetooth Audio.

      Please file a problem report for the issue you are experiencing with the DAW and other applications not sharing resources.

      Include “Audio Glitches” logs of a repro and send me a link.

  181. Hexabelle says:

    The High Definition Audio Device option doesn’t show up for me.

  182. Dan says:

    Two exact same model hp 4510s – win7 – both have sound. Win10 – one has sound, on does not(tried fix above, does not work). Imaged through SCCM on same day, no changes done to images.

  183. dee says:

    Nice. Thanks. It worked. Just as described. I have an HP slim desk top not that old that came with Windows 10. The wife did the recent updates and a couple things broke/quit working. this was one of them, no sound despite speakers hooked up as always. Back enjoying music videos and U tube how to’s.Thanks again, dee

  184. Robert Fink says:

    I tried your fix it didn’t work on my Compaq CQ60-216DX, do you have anymore possible fixes .

  185. kqbd says:

    help me! i don’t fix :(

  186. Ruth Butler says:

    I uninstalled the sound driver and now it works.
    Have not installed anything new. Have not reinstalled the driver.

  187. JAMIE says:


  188. Scott Bravell says:

    I no longer have audio after performing Windows 10 Update for my Dell Optiplex 760 desktop computer. Only 1 driver is showing in the Device Manager under Sound and Video Game Controllers. It’s the “High Definition Audio Device (plugs in back of computer which I have not installed). I am trying to recover the internal speaker which I was using for audio.

  189. I h8 u ur guid is succ.

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