How to enumerate DirectShow filters on your system

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  1. jibbajabba says:

    Hi- Cool article!

    On a related note, I was wondering if you know of any difference between the results you get when enumerating with ICreateDevEnum vs using IFilterMapper's EnumMatchingFilters function.  I ask because I'm working with Windows Mobile, and, unfortunately, it doesn't offer ICreateDevEnum. When I use IFilterMapper, I'm not able to find an audio compressor, so I'm curious if it's just my methodology or if it really isn't there…  THANKS!

  2. yhy_bj_cn says:

    hi,can you help me?I want to connect Bouncing Ball and Microsoft MPEG-2 Encoder filter in the GraphEdit,but they can't ,I don't known why?How to modify the Bouncing Ball filter that it can connect to MS MPEG-2 Encoder?  Thank you very much for reading my post

  3. yhy_bj_cn, please post your question on the "DirectShow Development" forum here:…/threads

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