Jeopardy conundrum

What happens if Double Jeopardy ends and all contestants are in the red (or have no money?)

Do they skip Final Jeopardy and pick three new people for the next show?

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  1. jtenos says:

    I think if things were really that bad, they’d fire the people who ran the tryouts, who decided these three belong on the show, and then just not air that episode.

  2. They would untie Sean Connery and let him out of the basement and substitute him for the contestant with the most money. And he would tell Trebek to suck it and we’d all laugh hysterically.

  3. The answer seems to be "there is no Final Jeopardy, the host has another chat session with the three contestants, and the next episode has three brand-new people, who draw lots for the chance to go first."

    This has apparently happened once:…/Jeopardy

    "During the Fleming era, at least once have all three contestants finished Double Jeopardy! with $0 or less, thereby disqualifying everyone from Final Jeopardy! The time normally used for the final round was filled with chitchat between Fleming and the contestants. For the following telecast, three new contestants were featured."

    Citation: Fabe, Maxine, "TV Game Shows," 1st ed., DoubleDay, 1979 (ISBN 038513052X)

  4. roger says:

    Is this one of the google interview questions, as well? :)

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