Bad Perl: locker problem

Bad Perl solution to the "print the open lockers" problem:

perl -e"print join', ',map{$_*$_}1..sqrt pop" 100

54 characters.  I prefer this to the 53-character solution obtained by omitting the space after the first comma.

EDIT: 49 characters:

perl -e"print map{$_*$_,' '}1..sqrt pop" 100

EDIT: 48:

perl -e"print map{$_*$_.$/}1..sqrt pop" 100

EDIT: 47:

perl -e"map{print$/.$_*$_}1..sqrt pop" 100

I still think "say" is cheating but it does afford this very short solution:

perl -E"map{say$_*$_}1..sqrt pop" 100

EDIT: Apparently I need to learn how to count. Counts above are off. Anyway, 41:

perl -e"print$_*$_,$/for 1..sqrt pop" 100

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