Nitpicking Sam Loyd’s "Organ Pipes" mate in two

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  1. SGR says:

    Your version IS the original version of Sam Loyd.

    But you are right, there are some versions of the organ pipes problem all over the internet  with the a7 pawn missing…

    Best wishes

  2. SBD says:

    His version is NOT the original version by Loyd. It is a version by Jan Hartong (who also composed his own organ pipes problem that appeared in Problem, 1951 that holds the record of six variations – eight are possible) but many sources (eg. Breuer, Beispiele zur Ideengeschichte des Schachproblems) have noted a Pa7 is needed to prevent the major dual.

  3. Richard says:

    (1) Loyd was never that concerned with "duals" if eliminating them affected the beauty of the problem. I think adding the a7 pawn does more damage than good.

    (2) In my Dover copy of Sam Loyd and his Chess Problems (1913) problem 453 is missing the two g pawns. Was this the original presentation (which seems cooked and therefore also seems unlikely to me) or is it a typo in the book?

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