In defense of Lulu

I came across this five-year old Reddit post on /r/finalfantasy titled “Scumbag Lulu” The problem is even a little broader than this. Lulu is not the only experienced guardian – Auron served as Braska’s guardian and got even farther, reaching Yunalesca. Auron’s starting HP is 1030, which is definitely more, but he is a fighter…


How far apart can squares be?

Consider the squares: 0, 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36… “No two squares are 6 apart,” I say. After some subtractions you believe me. Exercise: prove no two squares are 6 apart. “Nor are any two squares 134 apart,” I say. You look at me in surprise. After some puzzlement, inspiration strikes. Exercise: prove that any two…


Collecting audio logs the old-fashioned way

In previous blog posts I have showed how to use the Feedback Hub to file a new problem report with logs, and to add logs to an existing problem report. It can also be useful to gather the logs outside of the Feedback Hub environment. For example, there is a current issue in the Feedback Hub which affects…


Getting larger bluescreen memory dumps on your PC

If your PC hits a blue screen of death (or if you’re an Insider, a green screen of death) then Windows will (usually) create a C:\Windows\memory.dmp file that captures the state of the machine at the time of the crash. Sometimes this file has enough in it to determine what the cause of the crash was; sometimes…


Adding logs to a reported problem in Feedback Hub

Last time I talked about how to report problems (with logs) and make suggestions in the Feedback Hub. I mentioned how to add logs when reporting a problem for the first time. You can also add logs to problems that have already been reported. Start | Feedback Hub | Feedback | Find the problem report you want…


Report problems, with logs, and suggest features, with the Feedback Hub

If you run into a problem with Windows 10, or if you would like to make a suggestion, you can use the Feedback Hub app. This works on both PC and phone. Launch the Feedback Hub app. Do a search for the thing you’re looking for. I used “usb” as an example. The screenshot on…


Media eXperience Analyzer now available in the Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)

The 1607 Anniversary Update of the Microsoft Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) now includes Media eXperience Analyzer. Channel 9’s Defrag Tools series has a number of episodes featuring Media eXperience Analyzer: Defrag Tools #149 – Media eXperience Analyzer part 1 Defrag Tools #150 – Media eXperience Analyzer part 2: Video Playback Power Saving Defrag Tools #151 – Media eXperience…


Installing the Microsoft class driver(s) for USB Audio devices

Back in 2010 I wrote about how to install the Microsoft class drivers on audio hardware that was built to the Intel High Definition Audio specification. It is also possible to install a Microsoft class driver on audio hardware that was built to the USB Audio specification. Pretty much all versions of Windows have a…


Cyrus Smith lays a sick burn on Captain Nemo in Jules Verne’s “The Mysterious Island”

I’ve been reading Jules Verne’s L’île mystérieuse (The Mysterious Island.) It’s about a bunch of Civil War prisoners who escape in a balloon, find themselves marooned on a desert island, and by a slow application of engineering principles build up food, shelter, defense, and eventually a working telegraph system. Oh, and it has Captain Nemo….


How to record a phone call on a Windows 10 phone

First, check the specifications for your phone to see if it has the necessary hardware to support call recording – not all phones do. For example, the Lumia 950 does: Lumia 950 specifications And so does the Lumia 550: Lumia 550 specifications You’re looking for something like this: If you’re trying to set up call…