ASP.NET AJAX Validators

ASP.NET AJAX provides new APIs for registering script with the ScriptManager.  Using these APIs allows controls to work well with partial rendering.  Without them, controls placed inside an UpdatePanel won't work as expected. In previous CTP releases of ASP.NET AJAX, we had a set of validator controls that derived from the v2.0 controls and used the new APIs. This made them work well with ASP.NET AJAX. WindowsUpdate will soon include a version of System.Web that can take advantage of the new APIs.  So the new controls which would have been redundant have been removed.  However, the update isn't available yet and ASP.NET AJAX has been released.  So, in the short-term, the source code for a set of custom validator controls that work with partial rendering is available here.

The .zip file includes a solution and .csproj file as well as the compiled DLL.  Just put the DLL in the /bin directory of your application and include the following <tagMapping section in the pages section of the web.config.

        <add tagType="System.Web.UI.WebControls.CompareValidator"           mappedTagType="Sample.Web.UI.Compatibility.CompareValidator, Validators, Version="/>
        <add tagType="System.Web.UI.WebControls.CustomValidator"            mappedTagType="Sample.Web.UI.Compatibility.CustomValidator, Validators, Version="/>
        <add tagType="System.Web.UI.WebControls.RangeValidator"             mappedTagType="Sample.Web.UI.Compatibility.RangeValidator, Validators, Version="/>
        <add tagType="System.Web.UI.WebControls.RegularExpressionValidator" mappedTagType="Sample.Web.UI.Compatibility.RegularExpressionValidator, Validators, Version="/>
        <add tagType="System.Web.UI.WebControls.RequiredFieldValidator"     mappedTagType="Sample.Web.UI.Compatibility.RequiredFieldValidator, Validators, Version="/>
        <add tagType="System.Web.UI.WebControls.ValidationSummary"          mappedTagType="Sample.Web.UI.Compatibility.ValidationSummary, Validators, Version="/>

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  1. LA.NET [EN] says:

    In previous releases, AJAX extensions extended the validation controls introduced by ASP.NET in order

  2. mhildreth says:

    RE: "WindowsUpdate will soon include a version of System.Web that can take advantage of the new APIs"…

    I’m suprised to hear this. Can you elaborate on this? When will this update be available? Will we have to change our references to the existing System.Web.dll and recompile? Can you provide a source for more information on this change?

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  8. ASP.NET says:

    Microsoftu se podařil pozoruhodný kousek, standardní validátory ASP.NET 2.0 nefungují korektně uvnitř

  9. This issue actually affects anyone using validators in their applications that went from RC to the final.

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  27. Si vous décidez d’utiliser des contrôles de validation dans un UpdatePanel il se peut que vous rencontriez

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  34. Hoy me he encontrado con el siguiente error cuando he incluido un Validator callout extender en un UpdatePanel

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