Real World GridView: Excel-like Frozen Headers for ASP.NET 2.0

Many of us are familiar with frozen cells in Excel, but it is typically quite difficult to implement something like that HTML.  In this “Real World GridViews”, we investigate adding this functionality to GridView to make frozen headers easy to reuse across pages.   Though I am only going to go over freezing headers here, once…


Finally … Part 2 of Real World GridViews

GridView is a great control, and out of the box it does a lot of wonderful stuff, but I haven’t worked on a project yet where it did everything I needed.  “Real World GridView” is an attempt to share some of the common customizations I end up doing to GridView on a regular basis. I…


Real World GridView: Two Headed & Grouping GridViews

By now you may have figured out when I say “soon” I mean relatively soon, and by “relatively” I meant relative to the rise and fall of empires.  I am finally posting part 2 of the grid view articles.  Also, I have posted the source code on Got Dot Net for both part 1 and…


Lambda Expressions: C# has a Lisp??

Until I started looking at C# 3.0, I had never heard of lambda expressions.  A quick glance at Wikipedia tells me that they seem to pre-date computers, and languages like Lisp and Ruby seem to be based on them. But what the heck are lambda expressions??  The short answer is: They are just shorthand anonymous methods. It took me…


Using SynchronizationContexts.

SynchronizationContext is new in .NET 2.0, and I haven’t found too much written about it yet.  It is used by classes like BackgroundWorker and some other built-in classes, and I wanted to show how you can use it in your code as well.  I came across this while working on my WinCast project where I needed…


WinCast: A podcast receiver built-on the Windows RSS Foundation.

I saw the Windows RSS API was published the other day and so I just had to create something with it. What better than a podcast receiver!! I’ve gotten into podcasts since I bought myself a Zen MicroPhoto for x-mas. My previous client, Doppler, which I chose because it’s .NET, was using > 300MB of…


WPF: Expander Dropdown

Do you ever get sick of hunting through a dropdown that has hundreds of items in no particular order.  I do!!  I’ve seen far too many LOB apps that feel the need to have hundreds items in a dropdown.  So this week, I created the expander dropdown to at least provide some organization to those massive dropdowns … I…


Fluid Dynamics with WPF

This week I thought I would test the waters with 3D in WPF.  After seeing this video on Channel 9.  I thought … “Wow, that’s a cool water effect”.  Well, I waited and waited for the code to be posted, but to no avail.  So I’ve started my own little project to attempt this.  Eventually…


Helping Meghan Speak (Avalon & SAPI)

I saw this post and just had to help out. Here is something I quickly threw together.  It uses SAPI 5.1 & Avalon.  To use this, you need to add a reference to the SAPI com component (Install the SAPI SDK if you don’t already have it).  Download the project and code.  Good luck Meghan!!  …


Extending ASP.NET’s GridView: Bulk Editing

If you’re interested in allowing users to edit multiple rows of a gridview … check out my new article.