WPF: Expander Dropdown

Do you ever get sick of hunting through a dropdown that has hundreds of items in no particular order.  I do!!  I’ve seen far too many LOB apps that feel the need to have hundreds items in a dropdown.  So this week, I created the expander dropdown to at least provide some organization to those massive dropdowns … I…


Fluid Dynamics with WPF

This week I thought I would test the waters with 3D in WPF.  After seeing this video on Channel 9.  I thought … “Wow, that’s a cool water effect”.  Well, I waited and waited for the code to be posted, but to no avail.  So I’ve started my own little project to attempt this.  Eventually…


Helping Meghan Speak (Avalon & SAPI)

I saw this post http://www.longhornblogs.com/robert/archive/2005/11/11/15246.aspx and just had to help out. Here is something I quickly threw together.  It uses SAPI 5.1 & Avalon.  To use this, you need to add a reference to the SAPI com component (Install the SAPI SDK if you don’t already have it).  Download the project and code.  Good luck Meghan!!  …


Extending ASP.NET’s GridView: Bulk Editing

If you’re interested in allowing users to edit multiple rows of a gridview … check out my new article. http://blogs.msdn.com/mattdotson/articles/490868.aspx


Real World GridView: Bulk Editing

GridView is a tremendously useful control in ASP.NET 2.0.  Despite being much improved from the DataGrid of the ASP.NET 1.x era, GridView still lacks some features which always seem to be requested.  This is a multipart post on how to customize GridView to add some of this missing functionality.  I’ll post the full source code at…


Installing Vista in VPC

I’ve seen a lot of people stumped while trying to mount the Vista Beta1 iso image for thier VPC.  VPC gives some sort of error that the disc is no good.  Some people have figured out that if you actually burn the ISO image to DVD then mount the physical DVD, it works.  Since I…