Windows Azure Developer Community Event in Santa Monica

We’re starting a new local community for Windows Azure Developers in Los Angeles!  If you’re an active Windows Azure developer or just someone that’s interested in learning more about Windows Azure, join our new group.  We’re hosting our first Azure Devs meetup in Santa Monica on Sept 1st.  If you’re interested in attending, register at…


Making “Microsoft.VSTS.CMMI.Estimate” Field Reportable in TFS

If you’d like to make a report in TFS that compares the estimated time to complete a task with the actual time, you’ve probably come across the problem of Microsoft.VSTS.CMMI.Estimate not being reportable.  This is a real pain and very surprising that this wasn’t done correctly in the first place considering that Work Remaining and Work Completed are…


Good WPF Book

I get lots of questions about books I recommend for learning WPF.  Adam Nathan’s Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed (WPF) has been around for a while, but I still think it’s the best WPF book available.  I have my copy on my Kindle


Managing Cultures in a Global Application

I have been doing a lot of work on globalized applications lately and I have learned a lot. I thought I’d try to share some of what I’ve learned with everyone. One of the first issues we ran into was managing formatting of data for different scenarios. Educating developers on which culture to use when…


Global Toolkit is now in CodePlex

I’ve been doing a lot of globalization work lately, so to capture some of my best practices around globalization, I’ve created a CodePlex project. Matt Dotson’s Global Toolkit ( is where I’ll be posting code which can be reused in your global applications.  I’ve started to implement some stuff, but it is far from done,…


Presentation Model Pattern in WPF (Part 2)

In part one we looked at the concept of a presentation model. In this post we are going to going to start putting together some crude code to scaffold out our presentation model base classes.  This article should give you the basic idea how things are related, and what purpose they serve.  There are really…


My Toolbox

One thing I always find myself doing is showing people the little indisposable tools in my toolbox.  Here’s a list of some I couldn’t live without. Reflector ( – If you only get one tool, this is the one to choose.  Decompile any .NET code.  I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been…


Presentation Model Pattern in WPF

Choosing a design pattern for the user interface of your application involves weighing trade-offs between testability, complexity, developer tool support, and capabilities.  There are two very prominent camps in user interface patterns:  Forms & Controls and Model-View-Something (Controller, Presenter, ViewModel, etc.).  Martin Fowlers’ article GUI Architectures ( ) provides a detailed history and comparison of…


Real World GridView is now on CodePlex

Yup.  I heard you (eventually).  You wanted easier access to the source code of Real World GridView.  Well, now you have it.  CodePlex is Microsoft’s new shared source development platform, and it should be much easier to use.  Give it a try, here’s the link:  I even checked-in some bug fixes you’ve been asking…


Multi-Process Synchronization with Named Events

Since I am in between real projects right now, I have had some time to work on some side projects.  As I was working on some threading in one of these projects, I noticed that there was a new class in the System.Threading namespace that had not been there in .NET 1.1 …  EventWaitHandle.  I…