R.I.P. NuMega Lab

In a previous post, I lamented the loss of SoftIce.

Now, we truly are at the end of an era.

Compuware is closing its development lab in New Hampshire. This is where tools like BoundsChecker, SoftIce, TrueTime, SmartCheck, CodeReview, and many others originated. (I won't attempt to name, them all, so please don't take offense if I didn't list a particular product. 🙂

It's the lab where worked with many amazing folks. To name just some of the better known: John Robbins, Mark Russinovich, Russ Osterlund, Jay Hilyard. Geez... I know I'm forgetting more than I'm listing.

See http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/070611/clm093.html for details.

I still have quite a few friends there too.


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  1. Peter Ritchie says:

    This is truely sadening.  

    I will have to wear my NuMega plaid boxers when I return home in mourning…

  2. Jay Hilyard says:

    A sad day for development tools.  A bunch of very bright people who did good work brought low by inferior management.

    Let’s hope Team System can catch up 🙂

  3. Danny R. says:

    It is a sad day indeed !! but as strong as we are ,we will continue to carry on the legacy…and I do not belive that Team System will ever catch up ,I guess time will tell 😉 I have nothing but respect and adimaration to ppl like Frank Grossman ,Steve Munyan and many others

  4. JeffCurless says:

    Boo… I loved working there during highschool, was my first real job.  Well, all things go I suppose.

  5. Andy Wilson says:

    What a drag! I miss those days a lot.

  6. Jim Austin says:

    Those were fun times working on BoundsChecker. Sad news.

  7. Manager Boy says:

    All right – back to work. It’s not like this hasn’t been forseen for almost a half-decade.

    Might even help the value of NuMega memoribilia on Ebay. We’ll just need to sit in our "Code in Comfort" shorts a little longer 😉

  8. PMY Archon says:

    Sad news indeed! First – SoftICE, then NuMega corp. itself…

  9. Vice President of Long File Name Compliance says:

    Hey Manager Boy!

    What do you think the sign that used to hang above the front door before Compuware bought us would be worth on Ebay?

  10. Having cut my teeth on MFC programming prior to coming to Microsoft, it is nostalgic and surprising that

  11. Having cut my teeth on MFC programming prior to coming to Microsoft, it is nostalgic and surprising that

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