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No real news on my own WHS box. Still hanging in there, dutifully doing backups every night on all four client machines. When I looked at the memory usage last night, it was hanging around 540MB, but didn't appear to be paging. (The machine has 512MB).

My next big hurdle is to configure the router/dynamic DNS stuff so that I have remote access. Other people here have it working. I always have the worst luck with networking, so I'm a little slow to jump on this part of the product. However, my brother is now pestering me for access to my old family photos, so that might be the impetus I need.

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  1. mfmjos says:

    I want I want I want….. I need I need I need!!!!

  2. StillGrey says:

    Easy, go to, get the lite version and a free domain name.

    Forward ports 80, 443, and 4125 to the ip of your WHS in your router.  All is done.

    If you do not want remote access to the PC’s on your Lan leave off 4125.

    If you already have a web site at home on 80 all you really need to see your photos/shared files is 443.

    Only cavet is you have to type the "s"


  3. Barry Tannenbaum says:

    You can also use ZoneEdit ( ) who will provide dynamic DNS service for up to 5 domains for free per individual.  You’ll need to run a bit of software on your system to send the IP address you’ve been assigned by your ISP to ZoneEdit to update their dynamic DNS server.  Usually it’s done by "scraping" the IP address off of a webpage in your router’s config pages.  I’ve done it for both LinkSys and D-Link routers, and getting the "scraper" right is the hardest part of the whole process.  Well, that and waiting (impatiently) for the DNS update specifying ZoneEdit as my DNS server to spread across the network.  :o)

    ZoneEdit has been a little loggy in the past, but for light, personal use it’s fine.

    Of course, you’ll need to pay for the domain as usual.  I usually use, since they’re pretty cheap.

        – Barry

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