At last I can break the silence

OK... It's not a super-duper juicy revelation, but it's exciting to me.

Raymond Chen has finally gone public with his book:

Many, many moons ago I was contacted by AW and asked to be one of the reviewers. Of course I said "Yes", and the chapters started arriving. I asked Raymond if I could blog about this, but he requested that I keep it quiet.

 So somewhere at home I have WinWord drafts of the book. No, they're not for sale. 🙂

Comments (1)

  1. I can imagine the reviewing process.

    Matt – Oh yeah – you should mention that you can look at foo datastructure at 0xbar offset and you’ll find what you want. I even wrote an article about it at once.

    Raymond – And people relying on it caused me a week of appcompat work. You #$@%@ !


    Seriously though, I’m jealous of you. Any chance of you sending Winword docs over to a fellow employee? 😉

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