Fun with Vista (IIS7) and ASP.NET

Being the good dogfooder I am, I’m running Vista in x64 mode. My current project involves moving over an existing web service to the new machine. As part of this, I’ve installed all the latest internal VS2005 goodies relating to service packs and Vista update. Still, it’s not been a seamless process. In a nutshell,…


A nice intro to Keyed Events and Slim Reader/Writer locks

In a previous post, I mentioned the new slim reader/writer locks in Vista. A kind reader just sent me a note that Joe Duffy’s blog recently added a nifty history of the feature and it’s underlying implementation, including how a single lock can be used for arbitrary number of callers.


At last I can break the silence

OK… It’s not a super-duper juicy revelation, but it’s exciting to me. Raymond Chen has finally gone public with his book: Many, many moons ago I was contacted by AW and asked to be one of the reviewers. Of course I said “Yes”, and the chapters started arriving. I asked Raymond if I could…