A New Role For Me At Microsoft

Today marks my first day in a different division at Microsoft. I'm now part of the Center For Software Excellence team: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/cse/default.mspx. Basically, this group write the cool internal tools that groups within Microsoft use. And many parts of the CSE technology has made it into products that we ship.

 If you've read my previous articles and books, you can guess how excited I am to be part of this group. We're still working through the many possible things I could work on, but there's a big menu. 🙂

 Of course, I'm a little sad to be leaving my prior group in Visual Studio (the debugger & profiler folks, along with a new area that I was heavily involved with.) Despite having been here over 2.5 years, this marks my first group transition.

 For the moment, I'm still in my old office in VS Team System land, but should be moving to my new office by the middle of this week.

Comments (4)

  1. Mihai says:

    <<Basically, this group write the cool internal tools that groups within Microsoft use.>>

    Darn! This probably means we will never see some of the cool stuff you will be doing from now on 😉

  2. Jamie Gordon says:

    Good luck in your new position. Sounds like fun. I like the sound of "Binary Technologies". Sound a bit like what I am doing now, although most likely at a much deeper level. Nothing like the "deep end of the pool" for a challange though 🙂

  3. xwlan says:

    matt, good luck, CSE is a really exciting group

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