Slim Reader Writer Locks

In a recent internal thread, there’s been some good discussion about the new Slim Reader Writer locks in Vista. See the SRWLockXXX functions for details. A brief synopis of the key points about these locks: Since XP, there’s a new intra-process synchronization mechanism in the kernel called “keyed events”.  Basically you register a wait on a…


Humorous comment of the day

I saw this comment in a design spec, and it made me laugh: TEST NOTE: Please test that we don’t accidentally blast the LastError value; few error messages are more frustrating than “Error: The operation completed successfully.”    


New Synchronization APIs in Vista

Somehow in my heads down mode lately, I haven’t had a chance to monitor all the new Win32 API goodies that Vista brings to the table.  A friend just mailed me a question about one of these functions, which set off a little research jag. The short story, there’s a bunch of new Vista APIs…



Yes, it’s been awhile since my last post. While I’ve been busy on lots of interesting work, nothing blog-worthy.  A friend just reported this minor issue to me, and it was confirmed by some folks in Windows. In the latest SDK headers, you’ll find the following: #define CRITICAL_SECTION_NO_DEBUG_INFO RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION_NO_DEBUG_INFO It should instead be: #define CRITICAL_SECTION_NO_DEBUG_INFO RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION_FLAG_NO_DEBUG_INFO …