Comcast 8Mbps cable service

So last night I endured the 15 minute phone conversation with a Comcast rep to sign up for "Game Invasion", which includes the 8Mbps download speed "upgrade". I didn't have the heart to tell the rep that I couldn't care less about all their games. I just wanted more bandwidth, something that I couldn't seem to find Comcast offering in any way other than "Game Invasion".

The cool thing is that (they claim) I'll pay $29.95 for the next three months, rather than the $42.95 they normally charge for the 6Mbps. After that it'll go up to $52.95/month.

If I'm not seeing better performance after 3 months, I can always go back to "standard" service.

So far in my speed tests, I've only come close to the 8Mpbs download rate once. However, I appear to appear to have more downstream bandwidth than before, where their claimed 6Mpbs rarely got above 4Mbps.

In addtion, my uploads are consistently at 700Kbps, which makes me happy.

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  1. Hello Matt

    You should move to Belgium, end of January we will have cable connections granting us a download speed of 20Mbps for a price of €59,99. Anyway what I use to test my download connection is the Performance test from Giganews. At the moment my download speed is 10Mbps and I get a download of around 10300Kbps

    You can find the connection test page here:

  2. Travis Owens says:

    We only have Read Runner service in our area… but my point is, games can’t benefit from this speed, as games don’t depend on bandwith size, but latency… and a good upload helps, something that cable is horrible at.

    A 2mbit fiber connection would destroy an 8mbit cable line in a video game. There’s virtually no latency on the fiber (assuming the backbones are good between you and the gaming server).

    I’m holding out for Verizon’s fiber they are launching in our area, 5mbit DL/2mbit UL for only $45… currently I’m paying $30 (for 12months then it’s $45/m) for 7mbit/360kbit Road Runner.

  3. Norman Diamond says:

    Around 2 years ago I finally gave in and bought a wired phone line in order to get ADSL. At the time Yahoo was offering something like 45 Mbps on copper and 100 Mbps on optical fiber. I knew in my location the actual download rate on copper would never come close to 45 Mbps, it would be more like 4. So I contracted for 8 (approximately tied for cheapest among Yahoo’s offerings) and got actual performance around 4 as expected.

    I’ve read that performance on optical fibers really delivers and doesn’t deteriorate with distance from the phone switch. The price for fiber would be close to the prices you guys are talking about.

    Then one day performance increased to around 6 Mbps. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence or if some amount of electrical engineering theory gets turned on its head, but here’s what happened the same day. My cat decided that the Ethernet cable running between the ADSL modem and the router (around 10 metres) looked like a nice long stringy shoe string. Even after she ate part of it, it looked like a nice long stringy shoe string. Even after she ate more of it, it looked like a nice long stringy shoe string. Well, I don’t have a soldering iron at home, so I just cut out the eaten part and spliced every conductor by twisting and turning and taping. I was expecting performance to go down but still be acceptable. Instead it went up.

    By the way, anyone want a cat?

  4. zzz says:

    With faster speeds the DSL box also becomes important. Some of the older boxes can’t get as good upload rate as one could. And some of the cheap boxes suffer from who knows what that can cause speeds drop down over time. While I personally am fast to call the ISP if speeds go down, it has been the case that by changing my DSL box (esp if its in router mode, not bridge) can have major effects. Or you could get some expensive box without these troubles but since $30 box has identical features to $200 box … Guess which I chose? And do I still use it? No – back to my older DSL since the new cheap one developer problems.

    And to brag a bit. I could get 24 mbit ADSL 2+ but would need yet again new box and how many web sites let you download at such speeds?

  5. Big AL says:

    True if you are only joining games, then the "Game Invasion" won’t help much. But the better upstream bandwidth would allow you to better run a listen server and get probably a good 6 to 8 people in the game.

    Also, if you have multiple folks gaming on the net through your LAN at the same time, or want to be able to download while you game, or let someone do Xbox Live while you PC game, this might be worth it. Although if you have multiple gamers on the line often, get one of those D-Link gamer routers, they will also work wonders for you!


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