Fun with Vista (IIS7) and ASP.NET

Being the good dogfooder I am, I’m running Vista in x64 mode. My current project involves moving over an existing web service to the new machine. As part of this, I’ve installed all the latest internal VS2005 goodies relating to service packs and Vista update. Still, it’s not been a seamless process. In a nutshell,…


A nice intro to Keyed Events and Slim Reader/Writer locks

In a previous post, I mentioned the new slim reader/writer locks in Vista. A kind reader just sent me a note that Joe Duffy’s blog recently added a nifty history of the feature and it’s underlying implementation, including how a single lock can be used for arbitrary number of callers.


At last I can break the silence

OK… It’s not a super-duper juicy revelation, but it’s exciting to me. Raymond Chen has finally gone public with his book: Many, many moons ago I was contacted by AW and asked to be one of the reviewers. Of course I said “Yes”, and the chapters started arriving. I asked Raymond if I could…


New AeDebug functionality in Vista

Perhaps jumping the gun here as the official doc still hasn’t been posted yet, but soon, I’m told.  In a nutshell, Vista’s debugger support will include some additional functionality to let you customize out AeDebug works. Specifically, if “Auto” debugging is enabled, you’ll have a way to exclude specific processes from being “auto debugged”.  (See…


Stupid PE File Tricks

If you’re an aficionado of all things PE file related, you’ll get a kick of this article: It shows all the wild twists and contortions to make a legal 97 byte Win32 PE file. I think the smallest Win32 binary I ever created was 1KB, but that was just by playing tricks with the…


A New Role For Me At Microsoft

Today marks my first day in a different division at Microsoft. I’m now part of the Center For Software Excellence team: Basically, this group write the cool internal tools that groups within Microsoft use. And many parts of the CSE technology has made it into products that we ship.  If you’ve read my previous articles…


I Love Rock N Roll

So I’m just a wee bit sleepy this morning. The missus and I were out late last night at the Showbox, watching Joan Jett.  I’m happy to say that Joan puts on a good show, although the “Blackhearts” looked far too young to be the originals. 🙂  Even on new songs that I wasn’t familiar…


Slim Reader Writer Locks

In a recent internal thread, there’s been some good discussion about the new Slim Reader Writer locks in Vista. See the SRWLockXXX functions for details. A brief synopis of the key points about these locks: Since XP, there’s a new intra-process synchronization mechanism in the kernel called “keyed events”.  Basically you register a wait on a…


Humorous comment of the day

I saw this comment in a design spec, and it made me laugh: TEST NOTE: Please test that we don’t accidentally blast the LastError value; few error messages are more frustrating than “Error: The operation completed successfully.”    


New Synchronization APIs in Vista

Somehow in my heads down mode lately, I haven’t had a chance to monitor all the new Win32 API goodies that Vista brings to the table.  A friend just mailed me a question about one of these functions, which set off a little research jag. The short story, there’s a bunch of new Vista APIs…