PDC05 – Power’s back

I had faint hopes for a few seconds of being one of the first to blog about the power failure that hit LA and our convention center. After pointing my wife (back in Seattle) to the CNN home page, she was able to fill me in on what was going on.

Folks here handled the outage well. The pre-conference tutorials had to pause because projectors / microphones had no power. I sat in on the C++ Internals talk for a bit. Brandon Bray was talking about deterministic finalization.

Sadyly, I overheard an attendee ask a blue badge wearer what group they were in, and the response came back "no comment". Hmm...

The candy, ice cream and snacks are already out by the breakout rooms and the junk food festival has begun.

Ran into Jeffrey Richter on the way to lunch. Unfortunately, Mr. Robbins and Mr. Prosise aren't here.



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