Quite possibly the best stack trace ever

Awhile back I wrote about "Matt's Huge Irritating Banner", in which I filled up a status window with text proclaiming my code's innocence from the bad behavior the user was seeing.

However, I'm humbled by this call stack a friend sent me (Key names have been changed to protect the innocent/guilty):

kd> k                       [Local        2:18 PM]

ChildEBP RetAddr
0006e57c 65158435 somemodule!_AssertMsgW +0x80
0006e58c 65158448 somemodule!READ_ME_READ_ME_READ_ME_READ_ME +0x16
0006e598 65158459 somemodule!This_is_NOT_necessarily_a_somemodule_issue +0xd
0006e5a4 6515846a somemodule!Check_your_SETUPERR_dot_LOG_file_for_failures +0xd
0006e5b0 6515847b somemodule!Some_inf_file_probably_failed_to_install +0xd
0006e5bc 6515848c somemodule!Which_caused_a_cascade_failure_to_here +0xd
0006e5c8 6515849d somemodule!So_before_doing_anything_please_check_setuperr_to_find_that_component +0xd
0006e5d4 651584ae somemodule!Please_dont_mail_xyzalias_before_reviewing_log_file +0xd
0006e5e0 651584d4 somemodule!Fixing_the_components_inf_will_resolve_this_assert +0xd
0006e5f0 65158748 somemodule!Scroll_up_to_see_debug_assert_message_with_more_details +0x22
0006e82c 651587f5 somemodule!CallInstallCode +0x85


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