One reason why I haven’t been writing books

Charles Petzold’s latest post on books as long format tutorials vs. reference material hits the nail on the head. In a nut shell, there are a lot of books out there, and people are relying on them less and less as search engines become the dominant way to find information. It’s pretty hard to pour massive…


VS debugger running slowly? Check your breakpoints!

If you’re finding that the VS debugging seems to get slower and slower (especially when you first crank up a process), one thing to look for is unresolved breakpoints. That is, breakpoints that the debugger can’t set just yet, as the module/assembly hasn’t loaded yet. In my particular scenario, I had several dozen breakpoints from…


Silence is Golden

Many (most?) of the Developer Division folks were given the last three days of this week off to rest and relax from shipping Whidbey (err… Visual Studio 2005). However, I took my three days off earlier this month to visit my son in NH and attend a friend’s wedding. A nice benefit to this is…


PDC05 – Amazing C++ futures talk

Just went to Herb Sutter’s talk on C++ futures. Really rocking stuff! Check out the slides for TLN309. (Sorry, no link yet. I hope to update it when I get it.) The first few minutes were on general improvements to the language including future ISO standard additions. The coolest thing here at first glance is…


PDC05 – I finally meet Raymond Chen

Last night was the “Ask the experts” event. A huge buffet dinner for everyone, with several dozen large tables where the “experts” (meaning us MS folk) were grouped together by specialty areas. The attendees could wander between the tables, findings whichever experts they needed. During a lull in the action, I noticed that Raymond Chen…


PDC05 – Windows Workflow Framework

Cool new technology I wasn’t aware of. Imagine drawing out your workflow (both machine and human components) in a boxes & arrows designer. You can then easily create CLR classes that represent each of your boxes. After implementing the code in your classes, you can then debug it just like any old app.


PDC05 – Rico Rocks on performance

Attended the lunchtime presentation by Rico Mariani on writing faster managed code. The cool thing I got out of it is that the CLR team has done most of it for you. A bunch of things including NGEN, iterating over generics and exceptions are just faster. No work needed on your part. The gist of it…


PDC05 – Come keep me busy – Ask debugging & Profiling questions

Just finished the keynote, followed by a quick spin around the exhibition hall. I’m in the Tools & Language track lounge. On the left side as you come in to the Big Room. Currently there’s more MS people here than attendees, so feel free to come by and chat with us.


PDC05 – Wireless hell – A solution?

Been going batty trying to get my notebook to work DNS-wise with the wireless networks at the PDC. The network help desk people (scattered about in various booths) kindly showed me the “ipconfig /flushdns” command. It was able to get my network up and running. Your mileage may vary. I am not a network junkie,…


PDC05 – Power’s back

I had faint hopes for a few seconds of being one of the first to blog about the power failure that hit LA and our convention center. After pointing my wife (back in Seattle) to the CNN home page, she was able to fill me in on what was going on. Folks here handled the outage…