My first ‘MZ’ email!

Just moments ago, I got my first email from Mark Zbikowski. What an honor! (OK, so it was just a request to pass something along to some folks at my previous company.) Nonetheless, it was a small thrill to see the name in my inbox.

If you don't know who Mark is, try opening up any DOS, OS/2 or Windows executable in a hex editor and look at the first two bytes. Or check this link out.

Comments (3)

  1. Rich says:

    On that famous picture ‘Microsoft 1978’ with Gates & Allen in the front row, which one is he, and does he still look anything like that?

  2. Matt Pietrek says:

    If it’s the one I’m thinking of, Mark Z. isn’t in that picture. However I did meet one of the other guys (Marc McDonald?) when I interviewed at Asymetrix many moons ago.

  3. Eugene Teo says:

    Wow! Hehe, quite an honor I guess. I learnt about him when I was learning about the PE format.

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