Real Rock still lives!

It's sad, but lately a lot of the music I love is released overseas first. Thanks to the internet, I can easily bypass the stupid release schedules of the record labels.

Most recently, the Datsuns put out a new album (Outta Sight/Outta Mind) in the UK. It'll be several months before the disk hits the shelves on U.S. shores. With the help of, I ordered it and had it in my hands within 5 days. All told, it ended up costing me about $18. I could have waited three or four months till it was release here in the US, and saved maybe $5. Some times I'll pay a premium to get something worthwhile that much sooner.

If you love simple, straight ahead “Hard Rock The Way God Intended It”, you need to check the Datsuns out.  You may have heard the single from their first album (“In Love“) on the radio about a year ago.

The band they're closest to is Jet. Sure, I liked Jet's “Get Born“, but Jet is a toned-down version of The Datsuns.  The Datsuns have two guitars, and aren't afraid to use them.  It's open chord, high energy rock'n'roll, ala AC/DC.  There's even actual guitar solos, although the lead guitarist is more akin to Jimmy Page than Angus Young.  I saw them in concert when I lived in Boston, and I spent the next week in awe of how great a show they put on.

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  1. Sam says:

    Actually Jet have two guitars too, but you’re right, you can hardly tell.

  2. mabster says:

    Good to see Aussie and NZ rock taking over the world 🙂

    Does the term "Datsun" have meaning in the US or UK?

  3. steve carroll says:

    Um… it’s a car make to me (an american). what’s it mean to kiwis/aussies?

    There was a promo DVD attached to the release of their first cd when i picked it up for like $7 at BestBuy last year. Did you pick that up Matt? My main takeaway, they are MIGHTY odd lookin’ gentleman. Also, in my never-ending sales pitch for Rhapsody, they have the video for "In Love". They haven’t posted the new CD yet though.

  4. mabster says:

    >Um… it’s a car make to me (an american).

    >what’s it mean to kiwis/aussies?

    Yeah, same. Although Datsuns in general are considered ‘retro’ down here – the name hasn’t been used in some time (Nissan being the make nowadays).

    I remember a DJ here commenting on the fact that the Datsuns aren’t "in love" … and they don’t "think I’m in love" … and they don’t "kinda think I’m in love" … but they "kinda kinda think I’m in love". Just how in love IS that? 🙂

  5. Sam says:

    I still prefer Shihad (or Pacifier as they are now known) to the Datsons. Less Retro, more Rock and Roll, and one of the best NZ bands out there.

    Betchadupa are pretty decent too.

  6. dan heskett says:

    I don’t mean to be rude and/or invasive, but let me fill you in on something:

    If your employer had it’s way, you importing that CD would be:

    1. Technically impossible.

    2. Highly illegal.

    3. Punishable by jail time.

    If Microsoft had it’s DRM technology in everything it wanted, the CD you bought would only play in countries that the publisher wanted. And you’d have to wait as long as they wanted – or forever. It’s a real bummer, actually.

    DVD fans of foreign movies have the problem all the time. Thanks to the fact that DVD was designed a generation later than CD’s, DVD publishers can exert this control. I have a close friend who is multi-lingual and loves to get first-run foreign films. His entertainment center has four (4!) DVD players of the same make/brand – each with a different region coding. It wasn’t cheap for him either.

    You should really think about this. How much fun will you have when the digital rights (and rights they don’t even legally have!) are exterted over you without any respect for your rights as a consumer and a citizen?

  7. Can you buy the Datsuns on iTunes now that the iTunes is available in the UK?

  8. Matt Pietrek says:


    To be honest, I’m not as up on the DRM stuff as I probably should be. I only recently encountered a hassle with this stuff when I tried to rip the Velvet Revolver CD to my machine.

    With that disclaimer, my thinking is that if the DRM stuff can done correctly (and that’s a VERY big "if"), record labels will go the way of the dinosaurs. The transaction will be between the band and the listeners. If a band wants to release their song worldwide or just in one "zone", it will be entirely their choice. If the fans don’t like a band’s policies, they can choose not to listen to them.

    Some bands may want to charge for their songs, other may give them away for free, and make their revenue from touring or merchandise. Bands will be able to tune their revenue models the way *they* want to, rather than being beholden to a label’s business people.

    I really don’t know how this will all turn out, but do I believe that the old "record label" system doesn’t have long to live.

  9. Matt Pietrek says:

    Yeah Steve, I did get the Datsuns DVD, although I had to get it via eBay. The video quality is pretty lousy, but the Datsun’s performance is on par with when I saw them in Boston.

  10. Sam says:

    There are no laws about importing CDs or DVD’s from other countries. What a load of shit you are talking Dan.

    Generally bands only release albums in certain regions because its expensive and they want to sell records, and they relieze that releasing it in other regions could be costly and there may be a high risk they will not recover their costs.

  11. dan heskett says:


    I never said there were laws. I said that if Microsoft had it’s way, there would be no unprotected music released. If you tried to unprotect the music so that you could get your hands on a copy before it was released in your area, that would be under current law a felony.

    Check out and read all about how this law makes no sense.

    Regarding DVDs, importing a DVD from a different region isn’t illegal (I didn’t say it was) but publishers attempt to thwart your efforts by using region coding on DVDs. Read all about it here:

    Finally, bands and publishers can release music whereever they want. It’s a business decision that I don’t pretend to be up on. But let’s be clear. The next generation of music distribution is heading down a road where the band and publisher will be able to not just release it one area, but PREVENT it from being listened to in a geographically different area. That’s the effect of DRM.

  12. bleuge says:

    hi, you better try to download it from p2p (2 hours download), and if you (of course) go in the legal side, ask for it to amazon. 😉

    so, in 2 hours you could start listening your fav music.

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