Software Security: have we nailed it?

Ok, so one last blog before I go … but this is important! Software security has and continues to be a top line issue for most organisations, yet software and IT teams still continue to produce and deploy insecure code and applications with serious consequences for the brand, reputation and, of course finances of their…


So long and thanks for the fish … leaving Microsoft

So after 5 great years at Microsoft UK it’s time for me to say so long as I move on to new things although I fully expect to remain part of the Microsoft ecosystem and still haunt the corridors of the UK Campus from time to time! So what does a Microsoft Architect do after…


White papers from Matt Deacon

Doing a little housekeeping and thought I’d put a list together of the white paper’s I’ve produced or contributed to over the past few years over. It’s interesting to see that even the one’s I produced back in 2006 on SaaS as a Disruptive Technology are still valuable and relevant today.


SOA: A square peg in a round hole?

Check this out on my new blog:


A new blog for Matt Deacon …

I’ve decided to branch out a little and have kicked off a new blog to replace this one … It’s an easy URL: so please drop by and take a look:)! I’ll run the blogs in parrallel for a while … hope to see you there some time:)!


How to handle the press (or your boss)!

I get to meet some great people in my line of work and there are none more interesting and fun than the GreyBeards! GreyBeards is comprised of Martin Banks and David Tebbutt, both seasoned journalists and technology writers who offer a range of strategic consulting and training courses focused in part dealing with the media….


Azure Architectural Guidance Part 1 Review: Migration

I once had the chance to move over to Redmond to deliver architectural guidance for Azure with the patterns & practices group so you can imagine my interest in seeing what they managed to produce in my absence, despite it taking quite a while to get this out there. Where to get it Documentation: Source…


Visual Studio Architect Guidance

I got chance to organise an analyst briefing last week at Microsoft to cover the architecture capabilities of Visual Studio 2010. It was a great session as there’s such a strong and exciting story growing for Microsoft in their support not just for architects but right across the Application lifecycle that also reaches out to…


Microsoft names IASA CITA-P to replace Microsoft Certified Architect for Infrastructure and Solutions

In their recent newsletter IASA have reported that Microsoft will end it’s Microsoft Certified Architect Program for Infrastructure and Solutions and cover the cost to transfer existing MCA holders to CITA-P. Here’s the full press release below: Austin, TX, (PRWEB) May 3, 2010 — In a conference call and email announcement on Wednesday April, 28, Microsoft…


Appfabric: the gateway to the cloud, an easyjet story.

A year ago, easyjet would not have predicted the level of cloud adoption it has seen across its core IT assets. At Architect Insight last year, Andy Caddy, Head of Enterprise Architecture gave an account of their IT cloud strategy explaining that easyjet was a £2.5 billion business whose revenue nearly alls comes through …