Len Bass interview on SEI

You know you’ve arrived when the SEI ask to post your video on their website – don’t you:)?


Only problem is I’ll never know how many people watched it as a result:(!

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  1. G’day.  I belong to what Len Bass refers to on this video as the “academic community” researching into architecture decisions.  I am not looking into the ‘rationale’ part of decisions, as so many of my fellow researchers have/are.  I am more concerned with the time dimensions of decision making.  Has too much time been spent trying to decide architecture decision A?  Has too little time been spent on architecture decisision B?   Based on these findings, I hope to build a new theory of estimating the legitimate progress of architecting called “Design Uncertainty Theory”:


    I am currently looking for examples of premature or belated architecture decisions for my research.



  2. Matt Deacon says:

    Trevor – this sounds really interesting! I would certainly recommend you exploring this more with the IASA. I’ve been exploring the concept of managing technical debt lately and also how this can align to ‘agile architecture’ – how much architecture is enough? how do you balance the trade offs between strategic and tactical decisions and ultimate loss of architectural fidelity?

    I think there may be some synergy with your thoughts here.

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