Len Bass interview on SEI

You know you’ve arrived when the SEI ask to post your video on their website – don’t you:)? http://www.sei.cmu.edu/library/abstracts/videos/bassonarchitects.cfm Only problem is I’ll never know how many people watched it as a result:(!


A lesson (or two) in Complexity

I’m a master of complexity and this week’s been no exception! Here’s a brief account of my week … Monday & Tuesday To start off I held the first proper meeting of my new focus group, the Microsoft Partner Architect Advisory Council (MPAAC), which is comprised of 18 senior architects from our GSI partners. In…


Talking Architects with Angela Yochem

Angela Yochem is an executive architect with a leading multinational organisation and an IASA fellow. Her public role and passion for architecture is incredible but it is her clear business focused approach that really sets her apart from the rest. We constantly strive to align more closely with the Business to understand how we can…


Talking Architects with Neil Ward-Dutton – Do architects love the cloud?

Well, maybe they don’t actually ‘love’ the cloud but according to the research by MWD Advisors in partnership with the IASA it appears that they are cautiously optimistic which came as quite a surprise. Neil, Research Director from MWD talked to me recently about their involvement with IASA and what they have started to uncover…