Bletchley Park Architects Council Part 2

The Microsoft UK Architect Council Meeting
8 & 9 June 2009
Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes

On the afternoon of the second day the Council broke into 3 groups to discuss interoperability in the context of

  • Security & Identity
  • Standards
  • SOA

The groups were asked to consider the following questions:

  • What does interoperability mean and what is its relevance to this area?
  • What are your experiences on interoperability in this area?
  • What are the challenges/opportunities?
  • What the outcomes being achieved through interoperability in relation to this area?
  • What does interoperability have to deliver?

And were asked to respond from a Business, Application and Infrastructure/Technology Architecture perspective.

Their output was captured/consolidated  as powerpoints and their playback recorded. The output is provided below.


Security and Identity

   Steve Plank
   Cliff Evans

  Michael Paulson, Avanade

  Keith Straughan, UCMK
  Mike Jolliffe, Equiniti
  Chris Franklin, HMRC
  Rupert Brown, Bank of America
  Simon Cox, University of Southampton


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  John Phillips, Microsoft
  Giampiero Nanni, Microsoft

  Ian Race, Bank of America

  Bryan Boreham, Barclays Capital
  Roger Wagland, Clifford Chance
  Tim Gregson, Microsoft


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   Jon Collins, Freeform Dynamics
   John Whiteway, AstraZeneca

  Barry Ellis, BP

  Dave Robertson, AstraZeneca
  Mike Lloyd, Carbonflame

Comments (2)

  1. Trevor Baxter says:

    We are going to struggle to  Interroperate with  anything all the while Architecture in the computer world remains  poorly understood by all and  less than agreed upon as a  discipline.

    We need to study how the RIBA  created real world Architects and develop a real, studied for Is Architecture profession  With common terms and practices.   People may build small buildings without using an Architect but they would not consider creating anything iconic  Without an Architect.

    Without professional respect standards alone will not cut

  2. Matt Deacon says:

    Agreed – computing is still "a profession of hobbyists" or so someone said to me a whilke back! There is much we can learn from the other professions. There’s been much activity in certification over the past few years both in UK with the NCC and with the vendors (eg. MCA). What’s also been happening is in the community space with groups like the IASA who are looking to move into certification too …

    But I guess we should be careful what we wish for …:)!

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