Implications of the Cloud

This March I met with 30 senior architects for two days to discuss cloud computing and what impact this might have on enterprise.

Architects Council, Weston Manor, March 2009 Architects Council, Weston Manor, March 2009

Sessions were delivered from Industry trade associations, industry analysts, early adopters of cloud computing plus sessions covering what Microsoft are up to in this space around data centres, BPOS and Azure.

  Architects Council, Weston Manor, March 2009 More photos …

More of the output including slide decks can be found on the Microsoft UK Architect Portal but this is what I collected from various debates and discussions …

Cloud Implications for the Enterprise

Participating Organisations:

AstraZeneca PLC, Atos Origin, Avanade, Bank of America, BP, British Energy, Carbonflame, Centrica, Clifford Chance, Conchango, Easyjet, EDS, Freeform Dynamics, Logica CMG, Nationwide, Royal Mail, Solidsoft, Solidsoft, SunGardps, Unisys, Zurich

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