Anatomy of Software + Services

I was asked to talk to some people the other day about Software + Services and what it meant. For some reason I started to draw out a mind map. After a little tweaking here’s where I got to after the chat. One bit I particularily liked were the architectural principles. Be interested in feedback…


Direct Connect – kick out your gnarly ol’VPN!

I blogged some time ago about the “Shrinking Enterprise” and wouldn’t it be neat if we could do away with VPN. Well the other day I came across Steve Riley who works in Trust Worthy Computing. Seems he’s been talking about just this for quite a while and in this posting here he describes “an…


Sustainability from Datacentre to cloud

Here’s a copy of the deck I presented at the Architect Forum in Bradford yesterday. Great event with lots of great discussions especially about green IT.


"Gen 4" Modular Datacentres

<Update due to Font problems on original posting> We’ve been talking about container DCs for a while now but this announcement today formalises this into a pretty compelling vision of how DCs might look in the future … “The concept behind the modular data center builds on the learnings and innovations garnered from our research…