A few comments on Architect Insight …

Just nosing around for any comments on the recent Architect Insight Conference and came across the following full review from Matt Johnson at EduServ.

There are also a few comments from Richard Steel from Newham City council who gave his 10 prinicples for IT - you can find the deck of the Insight site.

Found a great comment of why we don't do this in the US too from Doug Holland at Intel - they (meaning Microsoft US) could learn a lot from us here in the UK methinks!

Plus a pile of blogs from Black Marble who were there in force - shame I couldn't get a spot for you guys to present -seems they're going to run a series of events covering Oslo so I'd suggest getting along to one of them if I were you.

 By the way - if you went then I really should have done this earlier and say a huge thank you to you for making it probably the best Insight we've done so far!

 Here's to already looking forward to Insight 4.0 ... but I guess we've got the PDC and a few TechEds to look forward to first;)!


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