Regex Hero: Free online regular expression tester

A regex tester is one of those tools developers often need. I used many different ones over the years and  have never settled on one that I really like.  I have seen some paid ones that looked promising but I … Continue reading →


OpenWithTest 0.4 Released

OpenWithTest 0.4 has been release on the Visual Studio Gallery. If you already have it installed you should get an update in your extension manager. Release Notes Added an OpenWithTest toolbar button. This button allows you to quickly enable and … Continue reading →


OpenWithTest released on Visual Studio Gallery

Download Either download from the extension manager by searching OpenWithTest or go to the project page here. Summary Open with Test is a Visual Studio extension which serves one simple task: To always open your test files and implementation files together. Details When writing unit tested applications (especially while practicing TDD) you will often open…


The two most important WPF Tools

I have been working a lot with WPF and I found the following two FREE tools to be extremely helpful. The first is: XamlPadX – ( This is an enhanced version of XamlPad which comes with the .NET SDK.  This is a light weight tool which parses and renders XAML code visually.  It adds (in…