Chutzpah and Snippet Designer now support Visual Studio 2013

I released updates for both Chutzpah (2.5.0) and Snippet Designer (1.5.0) which adds support for Visual Studio 2013. In addition Chutzpah’s command line client now has a /trace argument that will dump detailed trace information into a file named chutzpah.log. … Continue reading → Related Posts: Chutzpah 1.4.0 Released Chutzpah 1.2.0 Released Chutzpah 2.1 now…

Snippet Designer now supports C++

Snippet Designer 1.4.2 is available on the Visual Studio Gallery and on CodePlex. Visual Studio 2012 includes C++ snippet functionality. Snippet Designer 1.4.2 adds support for this functionality.   C++ users rejoice! Related Posts:Snippet Designer now supports Visual Studio 2012 … Continue reading →

Snippet Designer now supports Visual Studio 2012 RC

Snippet Designer 1.4.1 is now available on the Visual Studio Gallery and on CodePlex which adds supports for Visual Studio 2012 RC. Happy Snippeting! Related Posts:Snippet Designer 1.2 Beta Release with Visual Studio 2010 SupportChutzpah test adapter for Visual Studio … Continue reading →

Snippet Designer 1.4.0 Released

Snippet Designer 1.4.0 has been released. You can get it from its CodePlex page, on the Visual Studio Gallery or through the extension manager in the Visual Studio IDE. Snippet Explorer Changes Reworked  language filter UI to work better in … Continue reading →

Snippet Designer 1.3.1 Released

Snippet Designer 1.3.1 is a bug fix release which contains fixes to three important bugs. CodePlex Page: Visual Studio Gallery Page: Release Notes Fixed the incompatibility  between the latest release of the super popular extension Productivity Power Tools … Continue reading →

Snippet Designer 1.3 Released!

I just released Snippet Designer 1.3. CodePlex Page: Visual Studio Gallery Page: The key features of this release are support for HTML/ASP.NET, JavaScript and SQL snippets and a much improved snippet searching experience. If you already have it installed for Visual Studio 2010 you will get an update in your extension manager for…


Snippet Designer 1.2 Beta Release with Visual Studio 2010 Support

Yesterday I released Snippet Designer 1.2 Beta. Codeplex Page: Visual Studio Gallery Page: This release contains several bug fixes but more importantly it now includes support for Visual Studio 2010. I am super excited for this since now you can install the Snippet Designer from inside of Visual Studio using the new extension…

Snippet Designer in April’s MSDN Magazine!

I am excited to announce that the Snippet Designer is featured in the April issue of MSDN Magazine.                    It is featured in the Toolbox column where they highlight useful tools and blogs. Here is a snippet of what it says: Creating Code Snippets is a lot…


Snippet Designer 1.1 Released

I just released Snippet Designer 1.1.  This is not a major release but just some bug fixes and often requested changes to make the snippet designer more useful.   Some of the most notable changes are: Languages Service are turned OFF by default now.  Since I was unable to figure out a way to host…


The Snippet Designer is Released!!!!

Some History The Snippet Designer was started as an intern project of mine during the Summer of 2006.  The idea was to make snippet files (which were introduced to Visual Studio in 2005) a first class entity.  Following this idea I created a Visual Studio plug-in which included an editor for snippet files and a…