Making linking between anchors in an IFrame work in Firefox 11 and above

About a year ago I wrote the post Making linking between anchors in an IFrame work in Firefox 4 and above which detailed a workaround for making anchor tags in IFrame’s function as expected. Unfortunately this fix stopped working as … Continue reading →

Making linking between anchors in an IFrame work in Firefox 4 and above

In Firefox 4 a security fix was added which prevents linking between anchors within an IFrame that does not have scroll bars. This change breaks the scenario where you have an IFrame that has a “Go To Top” link (<a … Continue reading →

Chutzpah: A JavaScript Test Runner Released

I just released to CodePlex and the Visual Studio Gallery a new project called Chutzpah. Chutzpah is an open source JavaScript unit test runner which helps you integrate JavaScript unit testing into your website. It enables you to run JavaScript … Continue reading →

Visually view all events attached to DOM elements

I recently found this tool called Visual Event which helps you view and inspect all events attached to DOM elements on a web page.  I have wanted a tool like this for a long time.  Often when programming with many … Continue reading →

A simple JavaScript stubbing function

Stop! If you are looking for a full featured JavaScript stubbing/mocking library you will be thoroughly disappointed by this post. There are many really good and full featured frameworks for this such as QMock , JSMock and my current personal … Continue reading →

Synchronizing Scrollbars using JQuery

I just wrote this simple plugin for JQuery which lets you synchronize the scroll bars of any collection of elements.  This lets you move the scrollbar of one div it have the scrollbars’ of the rest of the divs move the same exact amount. Here is the code: 1: jQuery.fn.synchronizeScroll = function() { 2:  3:…


Updated JQuery ResizeComplete method

I made 2 slight changes and I think it works pretty well now.  I now detect if the browser is Firefox and use the regular resize event since its resize behaves like a resizeComplete.  I also modified the timeout a bit since I think 100 ms might be too small. Here is the updated version:…


Rough draft of a new JQuery method

I have run into issues recently with the browsers’ implementation of the resize event on the window.  Opera, Safari, IE and Firefox all have different behaviors when this event is fired.  Firefox only fires it when you release the mouse. IE fires this event many many times while resizing.   Safari will fire continusouly while dragging…


Combining Silverlight and JavaScript

Silverlight 2 is currently in Beta 1 but even in this early stage it has many amazing features.  One of these features which I was toying around with today was its ability to integrate with its host page’s DOM.  What this means is that from Silverlight you are able to call Javascript functions and from…