ArgumentNullException vs ArgumentException

Both ArgumentNullException and ArgumentException have a constructor which takes two strings.  One is the name of the parameter (or argument) in question and the other is a string describing the exception.

The funny/odd/interesting thing about them is that one has the opposite order of arguments.

For ArgumentException the constructor is:

   1: public ArgumentException(
   2:     string message,
   3:     string paramName
   4: )


While for ArgumentNullException is it:

   1: public ArgumentNullException(
   2:     string paramName,
   3:     string message
   4: )


And my point is....

Well, I don't have one I just thought it was an interesting thing to point out 🙂

Comments (2)

  1. int19h says:

    The funnier thing is that they both have a single-parameter string constructor meaning different things:

    public ArgumentException(string message);

    public ArgumentNullException(string paramName);

    I guess the argument order in 2-argument constructors for both types follows the 1-argument one, with additional arguments stuck at the end, hence the difference.

  2. bja says:

    While you might be interested in saying what was wrong when throwing an ArgumentException, the message is pretty clear in case of ArgumentNullException. Nice detail anyway! 🙂

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