Introducing MSDN Code Gallery

Today, the new site MSDN Code Gallery has launched.  This is the best place to find and share samples, tools and articles about development and programming.  Code Gallery is already being used by many teams here at Microsoft to post cool tools and samples to help you be more productive in your coding.  But the site's use doesn't stop there, it will let ANYONE who has a live id post samples and tools to share with the public.

The Code Gallery software is built from the Codeplex application.  This means you get a ton of feature likes, discussions, issue tracker and wiki pages to describe your content in detail.  All these features make Code Gallery a very attractive place to store and share content you create. 


You may be wondering why should you post things to Code Gallery rather than your blog.  This is a good question and in fact we were asked this question from many Microsoft employees as well.  The benefits are that it is more visible to search engines and it is easier for people to find your content since they have a one stop shop to go to.

I think this is pretty cool and I look forward to posting programs I work on to it soon.

MSDN Code Gallery

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