JavaScript Rich Text Editors

While in college I worked on several websites for my school (Binghamton University).  One of my main tasks in developing websites was to create a easy to use system which would let non-developers be able to update and modify web content.  I wrote these systems in PHP and I used a rich text editor control to allow non-developers to modify content.  The editor I would install was always TinyMCE.  It is a very feature rich and easy to use editor and is open source (which is a nice plus).  It also worked very well with PHP style applications.

Here is a screen shot of TinyMCE:



Now that I am working at Microsoft I began learning and playing with ASP.NET.  The development model and ideology behind ASP.NET is very different from what I was used to for PHP.  Each have their advantages and disadvantages but that is not the point of this post 😉  After writing some applications with ASP.NET I wanted to try to write something similar to what I have done in the past with PHP and TinyMCE.  While TinyMCE will work fine with ASP.NET I wanted a RTE that was made with ASP.NET development in mind.  Recently, I found one which is published on Codeplex (an open source development site).  Its not so catchy title is RTE (Rich Text Editor) ASP.NET Control. It works very well and already supports many of the features that TinyMCE has.  It is not as polished as TinyMCE however since it is also open source it will hopefully grow and gain polish as the community gets its hands on it.


Here is a screen shot of RTE (Rich Text Editor) ASP.NET Control:


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