How to paginate in Node.js using Azure Table Storage

Imagine you have millions of entities in an Azure table, and you want to page through them displaying 20 entities at a time. Fetching all entities and then dividing them into groups of 20 is hardly the most efficient way to do this. In addition, at the time this document is being written, Azure limits…


Wine Nodebook: A Node.js app which uses Azure Table Storage

Let’s build a Node.js app which uses Azure Table Storage.  It will record notes from wine tastings, and for kicks let’s call it Wine Nodebook. When building a website, you’ll probably want to use a proper web framework such as Express, but for our purposes we’ll keep things deliberately simple. Otherwise, this would be more…


How to fix Node.js npm permission problems

With node version 0.6.10 and npm version 1.1.0-3, you may run into this error when installing a module on Windows, not just the Azure module: PS> npm install azure npm http GET npm http 200 npm http GET npm http 200 npm ERR! Could not unpack C:\Users\Matt\AppData\ Roaming\npm-cache\azure\0.5.2\package.tgz to C:\Users\Matt\AppData\Roaming\npm-cache\azure\0.5.2 npm…


How to use Node.js with the local Azure Storage Emulator

As you may know, the Azure SDK for Node.js includes a Storage Emulator for development purposes.  This lets you code against a local storage system using the Azure table, blob, and queue APIs rather than needing something configured in the public cloud.  Need to develop on your laptop while midair on a flight?  No problem….


How to enable logging between Node.js and Azure

I’ve been playing with Node.js on Azure for the past couple of weeks.  In case you didn’t know, Node is a fully supported development option on Azure.  There’s an official open source SDK, which as of version 0.5.2 supports Azure tables, blobs, storage queues, ServiceBus queues, and ServiceBus topics.  You can even deploy to Azure…