Remember webrings? How about an indie dev appring?

I work a lot with indie developers, students, and hobbyists.  If you’re reading this blog, it’s very possible that you came to one of my events and learned how to write apps for Windows 8.

If you’re an indie developer, you might think it’s an amazing accomplishment to get your app in the Windows Store, and that’s definitely true.  I remember how psyched I was when my first app was published.  There’s a lot to master, from the fundamentals of programming, to Windows 8 design, to handling the application life cycle.  Hats off to you when this culminates in submitting your app and getting it published.

In the spirit of bringing apps to the next level, I’d like to explore creating a community of indie developers who provide constructive feedback to each other.  To get that ball rolling, here’s a list of apps which I invite you to download on your Windows 8 PCs.  Check them out, and provide constructive feedback to your fellow developers.  Perhaps you think the app is perfect, or perhaps you see its value for kids, or perhaps you can think of things you would change.

  1. black ball app
  2. WeddingCard
  3. Game of Farkle
  4. Snatch 'em
  5. Guns of Icarus Online Info Hub
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