Microsoft to offer free design and architecture consultations for Windows 8 apps

Developers who’ve been working on Windows 8 applications can now get a little extra help from Microsoft.  We’re launching a new online initiative called Generation App to guide developers through the process of building for Windows 8.  Here’s how the self-guided 4 week program breaks down:

  • Week 1: Planning and design
  • Week 2: Coding
  • Week 3: Adding Windows 8 features such as Live Tiles and Notifications
  • Week 4: Getting your app into the Windows Store and making money

As a bonus, Generation App also offers two free phone consultations with both a designer and an architect.  Perhaps you have an app idea but aren’t sure how to apply Windows 8 design principles to typography, layout, and navigation.  A call with a designer should clear that up.  Perhaps you have an app all planned out and just want confirmation that you’re on the right track.  A call with an architect will clear that up too.  It’s totally free, so there’s no reason to not take advantage of this.

Register here today:

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