Windows Phone "Inner Circle" event in San Francisco, Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We recently announced the Windows Phone Inner Circle tour with stops all over the US this fall.  Be sure to put Wednesday, November 2, 2011 on your calendar if you're in San Francisco.  The event will be from 6 - 9 PM, but as of today I'm unsure of the venue.  I'll update this blog as soon as I confirm the location.  (Update: As William mentions in the comments, the venue is at 540 Howard Street in San Francisco.)  The San Francisco event coincides with the HTC Radar 4G launch party.

Register here:

From the registration page:

"Enjoy free appetizers and cocktails, be one of the first people to get your hands on incredible new Windows Phones, and meet the team that brought them to life.  Share your experience and you'll be entered to win a Windows Phone and other great prizes."    

The word on the street is that lots of phones will be given away.  Be sure to register!  See you there.

Also, be sure you've downloaded the "Mango" SDK here:  The download couldn't be easier.



Comments (8)

  1. William Devereux says:

    Hi Matt,

    The registration page says that it's at Temple (Sanctuary) which, after a little research, led me to this address: 540 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94105. Of course, I'm sure you have more information than me.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you at the event!

  2. Clifford Brooks says:

    Hey Matt,

    Lookang forward to the shendig tomorrow evening. Is the address that William stated correct? I still haven't received confirmation on the local and would hate to end up at the wrong location.

  3. Robert says:

    My friends and i are still waiting for the confirmation as well. =/.

  4. Robert Schultz says:


    Could you please confirm for us the exact address of this venue in SF? You've asked people to attend this at the meetups but have not updated your blog on the exact address. In SF all I know of for "Temple" is Temple Nightclub / Prana Restaurant but I have no idea what the "Sanctuary" part even means.


  5. Robert says:

    I agree. My friends and I have a long drive and took off work to hit SF before the traffic hits.  We are even renting a car.  

  6. I had trouble reaching the people running this event.  The address is 540 Howard Street.  I agree — the invitation was confusing.  I'm not sure what the "Sanctuary" part means either.

  7. Clifford Brooks says:

    Thanks for the update, Matt. See you tonight.

  8. robert says:

    Thank you. We will see u tonight. None of us got an email confirmation. Robert, Dan, and Roy. See you tonight.

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