FAQ: Why can’t I locate controls like H2, CITE using the Coded UI Test Builder crosshair?

If you have controls such as H2 or CITE in your web page, you will not be able to drag the crosshair from the Coded UI Test Builder and drop it on them.


NOTE: You can use the navigation dial to access these controls. i.e Drop the crosshair on a control nearest to H2 or CITE. Then use the navigation dial to locate these controls.


We have excluded non-interactable controls (those used mainly for formatting) from the list of controls on which recording or drag-drop of crosshair is supported. When the navigation dial is used, we iterate through all the child controls and in this case, even non-interactable controls can be accessed, their properties viewed and assertions added.

Comments (2)

  1. suneethakanchana says:


    i want to use 2 Excel file to single TestMethod. Is it possible?

    Thankyou in Advance,


  2. Sorry. I did not understand the question.

    Are you asking if you can use multiple excel files as the data source for a single Test Method? That is not possible.

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