Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have started the Coded UI Test Recorder. It is not recording any action I perform on my application. Why?

Verify that

- The app is not running at higher privilege than the VS.  (E.g. VS running as normal user but app running as admin.)

- The app is not running from network path.

If you are still facing an issue, locate UITestLog.htm file in %temp%\UITestLogs\LastRun and send it to rnptalk.

Thanks GautamG for this tip.


2.  Why am i getting a “ControlNotFoundException” when i perform an action on a UITestControl?

- Verify that the SearchProperties of the UITestControl can be used to uniquely identify a control.

- Verify that the combination of FilterProperties & SearchProperties will uniquely identify a control. If there are multiple qualifying candidates from the SearchProperties, FilterProperties are used to disambiguate them.

- verify that the SearchProperties are spelled correctly. The recommended way to specify the name of a search property is to use the *properties class hierarchy. e.g:- HtmlProperties.Button.DisplayText, WinProperties.Edit.Text .

NOTE:- If an invalid name is specified in SearchProperties, it will throw ControlNotFound exception.  If an invalid property is used in FilterProperties, it will be ignored. If an invalid Property is used in GetProperty/SetProperty, it will throw a NotSupportedException.

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