Updated: Published ResourceToXliff Converter project on GitHub

Update: Based on a pull request, I expanded the utility to support RESX, RESW and RESJSON by default.

Ever wanted to convert your translated resources files from pre-MAT enabled projects into XLIFF files?  Well, you’re not alone!

To help out, I created and published for source to a ‘quick and dirty’ Resource –> Xliff console project on GitHub that does exactly that.  The location is: https://github.com/TheMATDude/ResourceToXliff (Special thanks to @LocalJoost for beta testing this on his pre-MAT projects and Stefan for the pull request to easily support RESW!)

Once you have the XLIFF files created, you can import them directly into any of your MAT enable projects by selecting the Import translations from MAT’s project menu.   (For details on importing XLIFF files, see the v3.1 release blog section on importing: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/matdev/2014/06/25/announcing-multilingual-app-toolkit-v3-1)

Another interesting option is to use LocShare MAT.  LocShare MAT used a LocalDB  to import XLIFF files.  The resources in the DB are then used by the included provider by MAT’s translation services.  Using LocShare will ensure your translation are always available for current and future projects!  View the previous MAT blog for details on LocShare MAT: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/matdev/2015/08/18/announcing-locshare-mat-technical-preview

In addition to the ResourceToXliff project, I move the TAUS Data Provider source code from codeplex to GitHub.  As previously blogged, this sample allows you to create your own translation provider that works with MAT’s translation services.  In fact, LocShare MAT used this sample to create their LocShare MAT translation provider.

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The Multilingual App Toolkit team
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