Announcing the Multilingual App Toolkit v4.0

Today we released the Multilingual App Toolkit v4.0.  This build (v4.0.1573.0) is the official release of MAT v4.0.

This release represents a major product redesign that enables developers of various projects to have a common localization workflow.  Just power up Visual Studio, install MAT v4.0, create and enabled your project, add some resources, select your languages, apply your translations (or use the built-in translation services) and run your app.  This is true for Windows 10 UWP, Windows 8.1 Shared apps, Windows Phone, WinFoms, WPF, ASP.Net, or Xamarin iOS and Android apps.

Many hours of work when into redesigning MAT v4.0 to work with some many different projects, but we could not have done this without the support of our great developer community.  While we received many issue reports with the various pre-release builds, I was always encouraged by the number of “Hey! I hit this bug and need a fix.” followed by “MAT is great - keep up the great work!”.

I owe a big THANK YOU to everyone that jumped on, used and provided feedback for the preview releases.  (This weekend alone, several dedicated developers ran private builds to help confirm we fixed key bugs for this release.)

As always, the complete list of the changes in this as well as previous updates are available on MAT’s User Voice site: Here is a direct link:

Thank you,
The Multilingual App Toolkit team
User voice site:

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  1. Luca Spolidoro says:

    Thank you Cameron, your work is super appreciated by all developers! A special thanks for your extra care about user feedback, this is how you make users love the product.

  2. Gareth Hayter says:

    Thank-you, fantastic news! I've only recently discovered MAT and I'm using it to add multi-lingual capabilities to my product. It should be finished within the next few days… I'll need to consider upgrading to 4.0! coming in your language soon!

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