XLIFF 2.0 Object Model on GitHub!

Microsoft has published the source for XLIFF 2.0 OM on GitHub.  This implementation of the standard allows reading and writing of core XLIFF 2.0 and associated modules as required by the standard.
It is well know that the Multilingual App Toolkit uses XLIFF to enable the localization workflow for your apps.  When MAT decided to use XLIFF for our workflow we were able to adopt an internal implementation of XLIFF 1.2.  The upside was we were able to reuse the XLIFF code and focus on other areas.  The downside was since it was not designed as a public OM, we were not able to publish APIs for XLIFF 1.2.
However, even before XLIFF 2.0 was approved as an official standard In August 2014, Microsoft was busy working on an implementation of XLIFF 2.0 OM that could be used by localization vendors as well as developers.  MAT was an early adopter, enabled XLIFF 2.0 support via the Exporting and Importing feature using early OM builds.

I am excited about the release of the core XLIFF 2.0 Object Model on GitHub as it enables the creation of additional tools and vendor support for the XLIFF 2.0 standard.  Please check out the project and provide any feedback on the OM via GitHub.  Here is the direct link: https://github.com/Microsoft/XLIFF2-Object-Model

Thank you,
The Multilingual App Toolkit team
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