Announcing LocShare MAT Technical Preview

Hopefully you already know that MAT supports the ability to create 3rd party translation providers.  Well, a team at Microsoft decided to see what they could do to provide developers with a local translation service. 

LocShare MAT Technical Preview is the result and it is pretty cool.


‘LocShare MAT’ provides developers (and localizers) with a translation database and MAT based translation provider to allow seamless retrieval of imported data from your private translation memory. Setup adds the LocShare provider into MAT’s provider list automatically. 

All you need to do is populate the TM with your XLF based translations and your good to go.


By default, the LocShare provider is the preferred provider so your imported resources are selected first.  Since the TM is local to your machine, it even works when you are offline!

The direct link to the Visual Studio Galley download page is:

Great job LocShare team!

Thank you,
The Multilingual App Toolkit team
User voice site:
v4.0 Beta:

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