MAT v4.0 Beta is available.

The Multilingual App Toolkit v4.0 Beta release (v4.0.1391.0) is available.  This release rounds out the support for Windows 10 apps by adding support for C++ and JavaScript projects as well as continued support for C# and VB projects.

Thank You for installing the Technical Preview releases
Key fixes in this release are the direct result of you, the community, using and providing Technical Preview bugs reports and feature requests.  While internally we use MAT daily, your real-world and numerous project types provide the best insight. Thank you for all the insights and please keep them coming!

Starting the editor and crazy XLF file sizes
The Multilingual Editor is the toolkit’s standard-alone editor that supports editing XLIFF 1.2 files with fully integrated translation services.  While this provides the ability for non-VS users to support your localization efforts, it can cause a delay before seeing the Editor’s UI when started from within Visual Studio (or if you have a crazy number of resources, and you know who you are… Smile). 

To help, we have added a Splash Screen with a progress indicator.  If you did not mean to open the XLF file, you can simply press Alt-F4 to safely close the editor while on the opening screen.


Those little annoyances
The Editor has several fixes that help during your translation work.  One issue that is very annoying is pasting text from a browser or other file and having a unexpected newline added. I heard about this a lot in the last week or so.  I’m glad to report it is fixed with this release.

Those bigger annoyances
The ability to Export and Importing translations to and from friends, family, professional translation services and translation venders is a key step in distributing your translation workflow as well as managing your translation quality. With v4.0, it is also the way to convert v3.1 projects to v4.0 based projects while keeping your existing translations. (Yes, we are working on the automatic update feature – I promise!)

One of the discovered bugs was related to re-importing of translations. For example, if you sent your XLF file to a vendor and then imported the results, life was good. But if the vendor then sent you a fix to a translation, the second import would report ‘0 resources imported’.  This happens due to bug that skips the updated translation because it was already set to the same state as the one in your project’s XLF file.  The fix was to correct the process to re-import the same state translations so ensure you have the latest translation.

Fixes and updates
This Beta release is all about applying fixes and updates necessary on our path to production quality.  Fixes around the resource and XLF file processing as well as the import functionality is key to the enabling v3.1 to v4.0 update scenarios.  If you are running a previous v4.0 build, this should make your life even better.  If not, now would be a great time to start checking out the benefits of v4.0!

As always, the list of key fixes are listed on the v4.0 based articles on our user voice site.  Please refer to for additional details and download links.  If you already have MAT v4.0 installed, watch for the notice to install the update. If not, you can install it directly from the Visual Studio Gallery extension download page.

Thank you,
The Multilingual App Toolkit team
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